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By Sameh Selim: Merchant Fleets

Canada: Toronto police kill a man holding a gun near schools

Maryland man threatens elementary school with mass violence

Texas gunman left the house after arguing with his mother over Wi-Fi

The victims of the elementary school shooting

Massacre at an elementary school in Texas

The first turbulence of the 2022 hurricane season moves over the Florida Panhandle

How does the monkeypox virus spread between humans?

Fatigue and alcoholic liver damage

Some earthquakes are expected daily after the super blood moon

Buffalo Mayor : the supermarket shooting will be a 'turning point for the country

By Sameh Selim: Will Europe learn from the mistakes or disasters of the past, political and strategic?

Six people injured after a small plane crashed in Miami

Musk halts $44 billion Twitter deal over fake account data

New Mexico wildfires exceed 200,000 acres as the weather worsens

Nine Omicron Symptoms That Affect a Complete Immunization

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