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You could save $100 a week by changing your shopping habits

An Amazon Prime plan may lower your mobile phone bill to about $10 or make it free

By Sameh Selim: Egypt's industrial revolution

Toyota EV has gone 1,200 miles non-stop charging

CDC: Sick workers linked to 40% of food poisoning outbreaks in restaurants

IBM plans to replace nearly 8,000 jobs with artificial intelligence

Police shoot suspect after he stabbed four people in Long Beach, California

Housing Market 2023: When will the housing market recession end?

By Sameh Selim: Proposals to eliminate illegal immigration across US borders

Florida Governor announced that he is running in presidential elections in 2024

A teenage girl sets her school on fire, and 19 children die

Police report: 25 Honda cars were stolen between Thursday and Friday last week

Health experts: These 3-morning mistakes always lead to belly fat

School shooter asks for mercy from life imprisonment

What will the housing market look like by the end of spring 2023?

By Mr. Sameh Selim: Georgia Meloni, daughter of the Renaissance

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