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The WHO updates the list of medicines to be stockpiled in a nuclear emergency

Boeing plans to hire about 10,000 workers in 2023

CVS, Walmart, and Walgreens are reducing pharmacy hours

Direct payments to low-income people in three states

Dealers should be able to answer these questions about electric vehicles

By Sameh Selim: Tourism is an inexhaustible treasure

By Margaret Ikladious: Christmas Treasures (7): Christmas Tree Decorations (3)

A man leaves a restaurant to find his car gone, with a 5-years-old girl inside

As hurricanes hit, the survivors hid in docks and shipping containers

China reported 60,000 coronavirus-related deaths in one month

New robots to work in restaurants across the United States

By Margaret Ikladious: Christmas Treasures (6) and Christmas Tree Decorations (2)

By Mr. Sameh Selim: The New Martin Luther King

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) delayed more than 10,000 flights

New study: Gas stove use causes asthma in children

The White House develops a new immigration plan to the USA

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