5 Midwest Cities Where You Can Buy Luxury Homes for $100,000 or Less

5 Midwest Cities Where You Can Buy Luxury Homes for $100,000 or Less

While housing prices continue to rise beyond the reach of some families in the United States, there are bright spots across the country. You can find luxury homes for $100,000 or less in many places.

One good place to look for these luxury homes is the Midwest. This area of ​​the country is generally known for its safety and courteous people, and housing markets in various cities across the Midwest remain affordable for families.

Here's a look at five Midwestern cities where you can find a luxury home for $100,000 or less.

Toledo, Ohio

According to the Homebuyer website, "Toledo, Ohio, is an affordable city with something for everyone." Homebuyer's affordability score for Toledo was 99.82%, based on the monthly costs of homeownership.

You'll likely find many homes on the market here – and the average monthly mortgage payment is around $932.

Canton, Ohio

Here's another city where you can search for luxury homes for less in Ohio. Not only is Canton a busy and affordable city, but it also has low property taxes. Homebuyer gives Canton an affordability score of 99.25%.

Springfield, Illinois

Illinois' capital offers a good housing market in a city that combines the best of small-town living with big-city extras. It has an affordability score of 99.22 from Homebuyer, and the average mortgage payment is about $1,104.

Detroit, Michigan

The Motor City is known for its affordable housing. In fact, according to Redfin, Detroit is among the most affordable cities in the entire Midwest. The average home price here is only about $75,000 – so you can get a luxury deal if you look carefully enough.

South Bend, Indiana

Home to the University of Notre Dame, it also provides some of the most affordable housing in Indiana and the Midwest. The average home price here is around $135,000, but deals are easy to find if you search. Many homeowners here also enjoy visiting Chicago and the lake areas.

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