By Mustafa Hamam: A year has passed since Beirut, the Middle East's arts and culture capital

Written by Mustafa Hamam: A year has passed since Beirut, the Middle East's arts and culture capital

A sad year for Beirut, the Lebanese, and all the lovers of Lebanon.

We never considered Lebanon a third-world country and did not belong to this backward world in which we live.

Lebanon was able to live and live with the multiple sectarianisms of every religion and gold, and some countries were divided because there are only two different sects.

The disaster of the port, which destroyed Beirut, did not and will not kill the people of Lebanon; this disaster revealed many masks at home and abroad.

A whole year has passed, and the judicial authorities have not found those responsible for the disaster, although the Lebanese people
know them all by name

Can you imagine, dear reader, the presence of a shipment of destroyed ammonium nitrate of this large size, amounting to 2,750 tons, in the port of Lebanon, and so far, the owner has not been known???!!!!!

This massive amount of nitrate was also not all the amount that entered the harbor....... Do not be surprised; this is the bitter truth

Where did the quantity that left the port go during the period from the shipment's arrival in 2014 until the explosion of the port, an easy question to answer and impossible to answer?

The answer to it is known, but it is impossible to answer it because it will immediately lead to the shipment's owner and the beneficiary of its existence.

The esteemed investigative judge cannot prove the charges and bring the accusation simply because he cannot investigate the ministers and MPs he requested.

The esteemed judge cannot complete the investigation because the political forces do not want to lift the immunity of those wanted for investigation. Here the cover has been revealed about the corrupt and corrupt in all the political parties insisting on protecting the striking force that rules Lebanon both in appearance and in secret, the power that everyone fears and the people are not afraid of Lebanese.

Do you imagine that Lebanon is the icon without electricity?
Do you imagine Lebanon the symbol on the brink of famine?
Do you imagine Lebanon as a country of culture and art without car fuel and so on?
Do you imagine Lebanon as the country of Gibran Khalil Gibran, Elia Abu Madi, Bishop Khalil Mutran, Fairouz, Rahbaneh, and Magda El Roumi, without a government?

Unfortunately, this is the situation in Lebanon.

Billions of dollars were smuggled, and the responsible governor of the Banque du Liban is still at large, and no one is at liberty
He can even investigate him.

The  President of Lebanon, who is primarily responsible for all the people, with all parties, is looking for his son-in-law to endow the country and obstructs the formation of the government for nine months until he apologized. Not in a catastrophe and famine!!!!!

Parliament protects corrupt representatives under the pretext of the unconstitutionality of lifting immunity. The Speaker of Parliament entered a battle of constitutional powers with the President of the Republic because everyone wants to stay, and Lebanon doesn't have to disappear.

The people's revolution did not succeed in overthrowing the corrupt. Corruption is led by a great force that is resistant to educated, cultured, and conscious people.
The corrupt were not affected by the battles over subsidized food items, as these evil people sell the aid that reaches Lebanon.

The hearts of the corrupt rulers did not move before the pleas of the families of the victims of the Harbor disaster, all of them had their hearts broken and broken, and they did not lose hope that the truth would appear, and in the end, they threatened to take revenge on their children.

Do you imagine that the Lebanese media has come to know all the facts with the utmost accuracy? There is what can be declared and those who cannot be reported due to the brute force that rules Lebanon and does not hesitate to assassinate its opponents. We do not forget the assassination of Rafik Hariri, Samir Kassir, and Gibran Tueni, and the assassination attempt of May Chidiac, which survived Miraculously after losing her leg.

There is still hope; all hope rests on the Lebanese people, who have not stopped restoring the bright face of Beirut within the limits of what is available, which is negligible.

And see, it will resurrect...Go back to Lebanon
Look back and look greener than ever

This is the first part of the discussion about the great catastrophe of Lebanon, which is, in fact, a disaster for the entire Middle East region. Lebanon, like Jordan, has a significant regional role.

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