By Sameh Selim: China is in the heart of marginalized Europe

Mr. Sameh Selim

China is in the heart of marginalized Europe

By Sameh Selim

China is a reality that must be dealt with, whether the West is satisfied with it or not. If the West buries its head in the sand and does not deal with the reality around it, it is a problem for some of them.

We will begin our conversation with the password, which is the Chinese wholesale trade city of Yiwu, the largest wholesale trade city in the world. A railway within the Silk Road links it to the Spanish city of Madrid to transport goods to Europe quickly for various small and light products at low prices.

The story begins with economic cooperation between Eastern and Central European countries with weak or marginalized economies in the European Union, the most important of which is Hungary and other countries in Central Europe that strategically concern China and are not members of the European Union. They are the countries of the former Yugoslav Union, the most important of which are Serbia and Bosnia, which have strong economies. It needs to be stronger, have sufficient European support for a decent life, and live up to Europe's great ambitions. Therefore, China entered the hornet's nest in central Europe until the southernmost point in Europe, Spain's Madrid, via the New Silk Road. It decided to extend a railway line from Belgrade to Budapest, the capital of Hungary, to facilitate the flow of its goods to Europe. And modernize the infrastructure of these countries.

The smart people's strategic game is to enter the hornet's nest via the Silk Road or the railway line that has already begun work, to eastern Europe and then to central Europe via Hungary and Serbia, arriving at the last point in Madrid, Spain, in exchange for investment in these countries and Chinese economic and technological aid. Then, the train returns to China and is loaded with European goods. Produced by European countries, the most important of which are olive oil, wood, and others

Thus, some European countries, such as Italy, Spain, Hungary, and others, began to deal with reality and truth, while others are still burying their heads in the sand of falsehood, lies, and delusions of grandeur.

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