By Mr. Sameh Selim: Departure from the political and economic text

Mr. Sameh Selim

Departure from the political and economic text

Mr. Sameh Selim- Amember of United States Press Agency

No doubt, deviating from the text in the global political and economic theater has become inevitable in these difficult, extremely complex days, and to think outside the box or in modern and innovative ways in the world of politics and economics to find new solutions that are presented to the international community or that force it with conviction to accept these solutions and policies in these times. The memory of political and economic history brings to my mind a symbol of the policy of dispensing with things, sacrificing, then building and advancing for the better by searching for available alternatives and using the human mind and personal skills to overcome the difficulties of daily life. There are people who dispensed with luxury decades ago but found rather difficult alternatives that made them persevere. It is still alive today, like Cuba.

Just as Gandhi fought British colonialism, people in East and South Asia were able to follow in the footsteps of Gandhi, the inspiring leader in this region. The ability of people to be steadfast, search for alternatives, and boycott prosperity for a period to rebuild and achieve goals is a difficult policy that not all people can bear.

The Western side of the world and the Middle East, represented by the United States, Europe, and most Arab countries, are people who cannot do without luxury, or what is known as economic liberalism.

Between East and West and the conflict of peoples with their different cultures, countries such as Cuba and Venezuela have been under economic siege for years.

The question is: Did the economic blockade succeed in breaking the governments of these countries, or only in breaking their people, and what are the repercussions of this blockade on both parties?

The answer is the loss of both parties together, to make these people refugees to the United States across the border, which constitutes a crisis and not to benefit from Venezuela’s oil. Instead of containment and economic cooperation, we follow an all-lose policy, and then continuing these policies provides the opportunity for new parties to put their economic and strategic feet on the lands of these two countries, such as China and Russia, which has become a constant state of lurking in this region, which threatens American national security.

The changing policy is wise and rational, and the search for interest and reconciliation is the pinnacle of the modern economy.

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