By Sameh Selim: The beautiful faces of immigrants from the United States of America

Mr. Sameh Selim

The beautiful faces of immigrants from the United States of America

By Sameh Selim - member of USPA

The other beautiful and honorable faces of our beautiful country, the United States of America, are the immigrants and their children who came with them or were born on American soil. And one of the immigrants' children was the merciful Judge Franco Caprio, who is of Italian descent and immigrated to the United States. This man is one of the honorable examples of an immigrant family from Italy. There are many stories of struggling immigrants who were exposed to dangers and arrived on American soil to pursue a better life. If we go back to the history of the United States, we will find that immigrants had the greatest role in this nation's advancement, growth, and prosperity. Among them were inventors, doctors, scientists, judges, workers, farmers, and people with many talents in the field. All fields until they reached power and became presidents of the United States or members of Congress, despite the presence of a beautiful face that tries to appear and grows like green grass among the thorns that try to eliminate it.

Immigrants always try to give this country as much as possible, but the American authorities must create a safe climate for these immigrants to progress and advance this beautiful country. Eliminating the thorns is indeed the mission of the American authorities and the judicial authority. These thorns are hateful racism in all its forms, the waste of human rights, and the treatment of immigrants in ways that... It could be better at times and give them opportunities for creativity and achievement, which delays this country's progress on the global civilizational front and puts it at the bottom after it was recently the first superpower in the world. Let us always forget that this country was built on the shoulders of immigrants.

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