Costco will give you free groceries for your old electronics

Costco will give you free groceries for your old electronics

If you're a Costco member and cardholder, you know the store is all about those great deals. One bargain you won't see on warehouse shelves, though? Costco electronics exchange program. But even though you can't toss it in your cart, it might be one of Costco's best deals ever.

How does the Costco Trade-In program work?

The Costco Trade-In program accepts various electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and game systems. To participate, you can visit the program's website (powered by phobia) and choose the device you'd like to trade in.

The site will then offer a quote based on the condition of the device and its current market value. If you accept the offer, you can print a free shipping label and send the device to Costco for evaluation. Once the device is received and inspected, Costco will issue you a Costco Card—either digitally or there's an option to mail a physical card—for the agreed-upon value.

Not all items qualify for the exchange program. For example, Costco does not accept damaged or non-functioning items. In addition, some products may have certain replacement requirements, such as a certain minimum storage capacity or device type. Check the website for the exact item and model number to ensure it's acceptable.

Why should I use the Costco Trade-In program?

The Costco Trade-In program offers many benefits to consumers.

First, it allows you to earn store credit for those electronics accumulated in your home, which you can use to purchase at Costco online or in-store. The program is simple and convenient, as it can be completed entirely online without the cost of shipping items to Costco for evaluation.

Second, using a used hardware exchange program provides an easy way to dispose of and dispose of unwanted electronics, reducing the amount of electronic waste in your closet and landfills.

Are there programs similar to Costco Trade-In?

Yes, there are many similar trade-in programs available to consumers. For example, Target takes back old electronics for store credit. So do Best Buy and GameStop.

These programs work similarly to Costco Trade-In, allowing customers to get a quote for used appliances and credit based on the item's condition.

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