By Sameh Selim: BRICS is an economic alliance and political incompatibility

Mr. Sameh Selim

BRICS is an economic alliance and political incompatibility

By Sameh Selim- Member of United States Press Agency

As some claim, Did the BRICS Summit in South Africa disturb Western society? Of course not !! Do not be surprised, dear reader, because the countries that joined the BRICS sought to do so due to the economic distress they are going through and the high price of the dollar and inflation. Without the current economic crisis, some countries would not have sought to join the BRICS so as not to fall into the well of the global economic abyss. Economic and financial pressures are the main reason for this endeavor, not Another reason at present, and through this, economic compatibility can be achieved largely in the trade exchange, which will be similar to the barter system, that is, the exchange of goods for another among the member states to reduce dependence on the US dollar. This does not mean that even if a currency were issued for this economic alliance, it would cancel the dollar to take its place; a currency cannot cancel a currency, so did the euro cancel the dollar or the pound sterling, but it can reduce its value relatively or put it in the right place.

On the other side, the most important aspect of this alliance, which is the political incompatibility of the BRICS member states, the political difference in orientations, interests, and visions is politically, militarily, geographically, and strategically apparent, which makes it difficult for political or military consensus due to conflicting political interests and different strategic orientations, but this does not prevent Economic compatibility, because the economic interest is urgent in this alliance, which calls for a temporary concession until the current economic crisis is over.

Also, this economic alliance means investing in technology and joint manufacturing, which is one of the most important benefits that will be reaped from this alliance in the long run. Among the wonders of this alliance are also countries that follow the policy of non-alignment in a strange harmony between East and West, such as India, South Africa, and Egypt, as they are countries Its relationship is good with almost all countries of the world, east and west, benefiting from everyone, and this is the difficult equation in continuing and agreeing or giving priority to personal interests and clash.

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