Choosing Austin, Texas, as the best city for work and quality of life


Choosing Austin, Texas, as the best city for work and quality of life

Austin was named the best city to start a career in, thanks to its thriving job market and quality of life - with Seattle, Salt Lake City, Indianapolis, and Kansas City also making the top 10.

A new study by Bankrate ranks Austin as the number one city to start a career in. The study considered various factors, such as rental prices concerning affordability, employment profile, and quality of life.

The Austin-Round Rock-Georgetown, Texas, area is ranked No. 12 in affordability, No. 3 in job opportunity, and No. 1 in quality of life.

Move to Silicon Valley because Austin, Texas, is at the forefront of work as it was named the best city to start a career in.

The study considered various factors when analyzing the top 50 metro areas, such as rental prices in relation to affordability, employment profile, and quality of life.

Thanks to lower taxes, Austin has seen an explosion in popularity and business flowing into the area. Elon Musk's Tesla moved to Austin, and Dell Technologies continues to call the area home.

Other cities that made the top 10 included Seattle, Nashville, and Raleigh, North Carolina.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and another big Silicon Valley wig are relocated to Austin, Texas, in 2020

It's not just about job prospects because if you have it, that's part of the recipe. But the other factors of the recipe, including the quality of your life here, are unparalleled," Bencivengo said.

With the University of Texas at home, there are endless opportunities for outdoor activity and a vibrant culture—Austin offers a great work-life balance, something young people have prioritized since the pandemic, the report noted.

Recent graduates not only move for career opportunities but also to embrace the lifestyle Austin has to offer, from restaurants, bars, and music festivals to nature trails and parks.

In addition, Austin has become one of the country's fastest-growing technology centers.

Thousands of Americans have abandoned major metropolitan areas during the pandemic, including New York and San Francisco, for more affordable states like Texas, according to Bankrate.

The COVID-19 outbreak has fueled what some experts describe as an exodus of people from the country's biggest technology and financial hubs, as workers now turn their sights to areas with lower taxes and fewer government regulations.

Salt Lake City's downtown skyline ranked 3rd overall but only 29th for affordability.

Raleigh, North Carolina, was fourth on the list. The area is known for being home to many universities, including NC State, which won the 2021 ACC Women's Basketball Tournament.

Nashville and its popular downtown scene were ranked fifth on our list of the best cities to start a career.

Career coach Raquel Syed said: 'The pandemic has caused them to re-evaluate what's important to them versus what was paid for.

She added, "Because the previous narrative was that you graduate and go to a big city and have it work with a roommate."

It was only natural that you couldn't afford where you lived. But the pandemic and the restrictions that came with it changed what young people found normal.

The majority of Gen Z professionals, 87 percent, would consider leaving a job that ranges from diversity to work-life balance — and that doesn't align with their careers, according to a report published in April on LinkedIn.

These big franchises, plus technology companies like Dell and IBM, gave rise to the youth category and the new nickname, "Silicon Hills."

Over the past ten years, technology jobs have risen 62 percent in the Austin metropolitan area, outpacing the gains for all industries at nearly 37 percent, according to the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

Austin, Texas, topped the list of best places to live in America in 2019, according to an annual analysis by US News & World Report.

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