Thousands of flights were canceled and delayed across the US

Thousands of flights were canceled and delayed across the US 

Most of the delays centered around Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Over a thousand flights were canceled, and thousands more delayed Monday as severe storms swept across the country.

According to FlightAware flight tracker, more than 1,400 flights in, in, or out of the United States have been canceled. In addition, more than 4,600 flights have been delayed.

Most of the delays have centered around Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which has seen more than 200 departing flights delayed — or 17 percent of the entire departure schedule — and more than 180 arriving flights delayed. This was followed by Newark Liberty International Airport, which saw more than 370 arrivals and departures.

United Airlines had the most cancellations of any major US airline with more than 260 flights. The company has also delayed more than 600 flights. Delta Air Lines ranked second with over 190 cancellations and more than 570 delays.

Southwest and JetBlue have canceled nearly 100 flights each. American Airlines, which has canceled just over 60 departures, has canceled the most flights of any major US carrier, with more than 650.

Monday's flight problems followed over 1,400 cancellations on Sunday and more than 9,800 delays.

CNN reported widespread weather disturbances followed severe thunderstorms in Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and the Ohio Valley Sunday night. These have left more than 700,000 people without electricity.

It also followed a severe heat wave that stretched from Arizona to Louisiana.

While this week's flight problems were related to weather, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg warned that aviation problems could become more common as the 5G rollout expands on July 1, the Associated Press reports. Aircraft with updated equipment can land during poor visibility (such as in bad weather).

Flight delays and cancellations are never fun, but being prepared and knowing your rights are important. Travelers hoping to avoid delays should consider booking early morning flights as you are more likely to be on time. Direct flights are also beneficial as there is less chance of spoiling your vacation due to a lack of connections.

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