Elon Musk and Tesla share an amazing video of their Cybertruck

Elon Musk and Tesla share an amazing video of their Cybertruck

Tesla's first pickup truck undergoes crash tests. The electric vehicle manufacturer just shared images of one of them.

It promises to revolutionize the road and the automotive industry, making it undoubtedly the most anticipated car in recent years.

The Cybertruck Is The First Pickup Truck Made By Tesla (TSLA) - Get A Free Report. The auto industry saboteur hopes to cause a redistribution of the pie in the highly profitable pickups segment, which classic-car makers dominate in petrol cars.

Currently, Ford (F) - Get Free Report, F-150 Lightning, Rivian (RIVN) - Get Free Report with R1T, and General Motors (GM) - Get Free Report with GMC Hummer are the major groups that monopolize the market for pickup trucks Electric app.

Tesla doesn't just aim to compete with them. The Austin, Texas-based automaker wants to change consumers' public perception of these cars.

Change the game

These vehicles are often identified with deep American, blue-collar workers and medium-sized and medium-height cargo transportation. A minivan is seen as a vehicle that goes against the urban lifestyle.

But Musk and Tesla decided to change this picture. They want to make the minivan the car everyone uses, a fashion icon. That ambition lies with Cybertruck.

Musk first revealed the electric truck prototype in November 2019 at a promotional event in Los Angeles. The car has been described as being from the "Mad Max" and "Blade Runner" movies.

The billionaire himself said that Cybertruck was "partly influenced by The Spy Who Loved Me," referring to the amphibious Lotus Esprit S1, which appeared in the 1977 James Bond movie.

The goal is to push the envelope and reinforce the company's image of being at the forefront of innovation. Tesla is not like the others: that's the message sent by Musk via Cybertruck.

Demand is so high that Tesla no longer accepts orders outside North America. The question remains, however, whether the Cybertruck is a vehicle that will be mass-produced.

Musk and Tesla answered yes, giving a base price of $39,900. In January, Musk indicated that production would begin later this year. Production will increase from 2024, but the billionaire provided no numbers.

For several weeks now, the billionaire and his group have been fueling hype around the Cybertruck, with a fleet of prototypes circulating on the streets of California and Texas, before the start of production, scheduled for later this year.

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