By Sameh Selim: Japan's military awakening foreshadows World War III

Mr. Sameh Selim

Japan's military awakening foreshadows World War III

By: Mr. Sameh Selim- member of United States of Press Agency

The terrifying Japanese army or samurai is preparing in a blazing region and a nuclear quagmire. The end of the world will begin from this terrifying nuclear region with World War III, but this time it will be nuclear, which means a lot of life on Earth.

After this tragic introduction, we review together the terrifying history of the Japanese army until the end of World War II and the conventional wars that it fought with the Axis countries against the Allies since 1940 when it committed many atrocities and war crimes in several wars, and the Japanese fighter is known for his ferocity in fighting. Before the attack on Pearl Harbor, the empire was The Japanese had already begun to expand in Manchuria, Mongolia, China, and other regions and islands and controlled most of the areas of East Asia and the Pacific Ocean, such as the Philippines, Guam, Wake Island, Thailand, Malaya, and Hong Kong.

And all this was done by the Japanese army alone with undeveloped and old conventional weapons, so the reliance in the war was first on the fierce Japanese suicidal fighter until the war ended with the nuclear strike that broke Japan's back and declared surrender, then peace and joined the Western allies, led by the United States.

Perhaps the dangerous thing that made me write about this subject due to its sensitivity and danger is that the Japanese army is rebuilding its military arsenal again, this time nuclear, biological, and chemical, with the help of the United States and the West as well as South Korea and Australia to be in the face of North Korea, Russia, and China, and there are points of conflict that can be from any point If war breaks out, there is a dispute between Japan and Russia over the Kuril Islands, the decades-old conflict between the two Koreas, the conflict between China and Taiwan and the West, and the historical dispute between China and Japan on the ground.

Maritime influence in the East Asia and Pacific region, apart from the military conflicts and power in this region, is on the economic and commercial side the most important area in the world as it is a source of the most important vital and strategic industries. A limited military confrontation will be a disaster for the global economy and slow clinical death for this region. 

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