By Sameh Selim: Diplomacy and political wisdom are two sides of the same coin

Mr. Sameh Selim

Diplomacy and political wisdom are two sides of the same coin

Seek wisdom from the mouths of the wise is an old saying that was applied back in BC to Greek philosophers, who were the source of understanding in ancient Greek civilization. Greek philosophy was a beacon of wisdom and knowledge.

Then successive eras and states are established, and international relations begin between neighboring countries, whether by agreement or disagreement with peace and cooperation or wars and the use of force, so it was necessary to establish the idea of ​​Diplomacy that is used to solve existing problems between countries to develop international relations together that draws its waters from the resource of political wisdom and talent in managing affairs Diplomacy or wisdom, in other words, is what distinguishes a head of state from another, or a minister or ambassador from other colleagues in the same field. Absorbing others, reading their ideas, and estimating the positions correctly to make the appropriate decision at the right time, relevant to the situation or the political situation. The cultural background and the need to know the civilizations of other peoples, religions, and ancient and modern laws

Then it follows that the necessity of legal study because of its importance in construction, as it is, of course, the scale by which matters are weighed, as it is one of the sources of wisdom because its violation results in wars, unrest, and disturbances, and it is public international law, maritime and air law, international relations and constitutional law.

Then comes the military and informational security background, whether from satellites or otherwise, and the need to know the languages of communication or foreign languages and modern technological development.

Our conversation ends with the economic and financial background, which has recently become the first source of wisdom, political savvy, and diplomatic action engine.

History mentions in political wisdom and diplomatic shrewdness Mr. Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State, and our Professor Dr. Boutros-Ghali, former Secretary-General of the United Nations.

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