Recall alert: 8 million laundry units and household cleaning products may contain bacteria


Recall alert: 8 million laundry units and household cleaning products may contain bacteria.

A company recalls many household laundries and cleaning products because they may contain certain bacteria. About 8 million units of products are affected.

Various Laundress products are affected by the recall, according to the announcement on the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website. They include laundry detergents, fabric conditioners, and various household cleaning products.

The problem is that the recalled products may contain certain bacteria, including Burkholderia, Klebsiella, and various Pseudomonas — bacteria that may be found in soil, water, and even humans, as in the case of Klebsiella bacteria.

While these bacteria do not usually cause infection in people considered "healthy," people with weakened immune systems, those with chronic lung disease, and those who need devices such as ventilators may be at risk of severe infection.

These bacteria are known to cause infections in hospitals and hospitalized patients being treated for other conditions. For example, B. cepacia is particularly risky for cystic fibrosis patients, while Pseudomonas infection can be fatal in an already infected patient. These have also developed resistance to the antibiotics commonly used to treat them.

In the case of the current recall, the company knows of 11 cases of consumers reporting Pseudomonas infection, whether related products are still under investigation.

The advertisement indicated that "the bacteria can enter the body if inhaled or through the eyes or a break in the skin." "So far, testing has identified the bacteria in some recalled products, including those produced between January 2021 and September 2022."

As mentioned, about 8 million units of products are affected. They can be identified by batch codes beginning with the prefix F, where the last four digits are "9354 or less", starting with an H, where the last four digits are "2262 or less," or beginning with the letter T with the last four digits being "5264 or less."

A complete list of The Laundress's recalled products can be found here. According to the CPSC, it was sold online via various platforms, including the company's website and, as well as in stores such as Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Target. Some products were also sold in Canada, where a recall is also being issued.

Those who possess the recalled products are advised to stop using them "immediately." Alternatively, these customers can contact the company for a refund. They can do this by visiting the recall website and clicking the "Get Started" button at the bottom of the page.

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