Heroic schoolboy, 10, died trying to save his friends

Heroic schoolboy, 10, 'died trying to save his friends' After running into a frozen lake to save the three boys who fell into the icy water, his family reveals as they say: 'That sums it up...it was amazing.'

He thought 10-year-old Jack Johnson was playing on the ice when it cracked

He was among four boys who fell into the ice at 2:30 on Sunday afternoon

His aunt claims that Jack went into the water to try to help the fallen children

A family friend claims that Jack's grandfather rushed into the lake to try and save him

Today, the police confirmed that three of them were killed, and the fourth is still in critical condition

The schoolboy's family who died after the ice receded into a frozen lake in Solihull say he heroically went into the water to save his fallen friend.

His family said Jack Johnson jumped into Babs Mill Park Lake on Sunday afternoon after hearing other children scream.

The brave 10-year-old was one of four children pulled from the icy waters after the frozen surface broke apart while some were playing on it.

Jack and three other boys aged six, eight, and 11 were taken to the hospital in critical condition after suffering cardiac arrest, but he and his two older boys were not saved.

Today, in a press conference near the site of the tragedy, the police confirmed that the six-year-old is still in critical condition in the hospital.

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