By Mr. Sameh Selim: Dirty gold mines

Mr. Sameh Selim

Dirty gold mines

Written by journalist Sameh Selim - a member of the American press

Are you surprised, dear reader, by the title of this article? !!

What is the truth about dirty gold mines? It is a strange expression, but it is the truth that is absent from some countries whose people produce millions of tons of garbage and waste until it has become a burden on these countries and severely harmful to their societies. It is, in fact, a gold mine open to every developing country or third-world country.

The exploitation of garbage and waste in the countries of the developed world and the superpowers has become a national wealth. The more this waste and garbage increases, the country's national wealth and income increase. Even some countries in northern Scandinavian Europe, which do not have a lot of garbage and waste, began to import and pay the exporting countries for this garbage to get it for recycling. In manufacturing again, it results in agricultural products such as fertilizers, cardboard, paper, wooden or plastic products, and so on.

And the password here is how to recycle, manufacture, and produce new products from the recycling of garbage and waste, which has become a treasure no less than the mines of oil, gold, iron, and others.

The places that produce the highest quantities of waste and garbage in the world are the continent of Africa because it does not have recycling technology. For example, there are large collection units in West Africa for plastic waste, computers, electrical appliances, and used mobile phones. The local population works in collecting scrap in large containers. And selling it to developed countries to be recycled again in the manufacture of new products in return for a large amount of money. Every separate work or even a complement to the main work, recycling, is an open gold mine.

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