Jürgen Klinsmann criticized Iran's physical style in World Cup

Carlos Queiroz hits back at Jürgen Klinsmann over his criticism of Iran's "governance culture" as he blasts the former US coach as a "disgrace to football" and demands that he resign from FIFA.

Iran beat Wales 2-0 on Friday to keep their hopes of qualifying for the Round of 16 alive.

After the match, Jürgen Klinsmann criticized Iran's physical style

 The former US coach referred to Carlos Queiroz's team as 'serving the referee.'

Queiroz has since issued a scathing refutation in an open letter on Twitter.

Iran coach Carlos Queiroz has responded to Jurgen Klinsmann after his criticism of how the team played against Wales.

Queiroz's side recovered from their 6-2 defeat against England in the opening match to beat Wales 2-0 and put Rob Page's side on the brink of elimination.

Klinsmann noted that one factor in Iran's success is its ability to "operate based on governance" under Queiroz's leadership.

Queiroz defended his team, issuing a scathing refutation in an open letter on Twitter.

The former Germany international was unimpressed by Iran's physical approach to the game, throwing ten fouls and two reservations, leading him to claim that this approach was part of their 'culture' in comments criticized by many.

Queiroz has now defended his team's defense, issuing a scathing refutation in an open letter on Twitter.

The coach criticized Klinsmann's comments as a "disgrace" for football. He also invited Klinsmann to the Iran camp to learn its "culture," but once he resigned from his position as a member of FIFA's Qatar 2022 Technical Study Group.

You took the initiative to call me Carlos, so it is appropriate to contact you, Jurgen. Right? Even if you don't know me personally, you question my character with a biased paradigmatic superior judgment.

``No matter how much I respect what I did on the field, these statements about Iran's culture, Iran's national team, and players are a disgrace to football. No one can harm our integrity if it is not up to us.

Even saying that we would like to invite you as our guest to come to the national team camp, connect with the players of Iran and learn from them about the country, the people of Iran, poets and art, algebra, all the millennial Persian culture and also hear from our players how much they love and respect football.

As Americans/Germans, we understand your lack of support. Not a problem. And despite your outrageous comments on the BBC trying to undermine our efforts, sacrifices, and skills, we promise that we will make no judgments about your culture, roots, and background and that you will always be welcome in our family.

Meanwhile, we want to follow with complete interest FIFA's decision on your position as a Qatar 2022 Technical Study Group member. Because obviously, we expect you to resign before you visit our camp.

Klinsmann's comments came while on BBC investigative duty. He said: Carlos fits well with the national team and its culture. He failed in South America with Colombia, then could not qualify with Egypt, and entered directly before the World Cup with Iran, where he worked for a long time.

Queiroz and Iran seem to have a match set in heaven after their latest win, and Klinsmann believes how they play no accident.

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