By Mr. Sameh Selim: Blind politics

Mr. Sameh Selim

Blind politics

Written by Mr. Sameh Selim - A member of the American Press Agency

The blind cannot lead the blind; the two will fall into a ditch. This is the case of blind politics that does not have a clear future vision in line with the change and acceleration of events.

This happened before when Britain pushed the United States into the Iraq war and plunged it into the quagmire of destruction, which is now happening in the Russian-Ukrainian war. The United States, with its blind policy, pushed Britain, along with European countries, into the pit of the Ukrainian war, from which it has not been able to get out yet.

The confusion in American policy, internally and externally, did not come from a vacuum but from a sharp political division between the two major parties. Political stubbornness without thinking and without a clear future vision for the security and safety of the country internally and externally has become the dominant feature of the situation in the same hole.

The successive political crises in Britain now are caused by submission to blind policy, which led to a severe economic crisis that resulted in protests and the resignation of prime ministers. Which was united in the past and now wants to separate.

Will the absolute monarchy return, or will the constitutional monarchy remain the best ruling system in Britain and the world in light of the crisis between the king and the British government when the Prime Minister prevented His Majesty King Charles from attending the climate summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, and then he went to participate in? Is there a hidden conflict over political power that seems to emerge? Questions will be answered in the coming days.

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