At least 11 Russian soldiers shot dead in "terrorist" attack

Rescuers work at the site of a residential building heavily damaged during a Russian attack in Mykolaiv on Thursday

At least 11 Russian soldiers shot dead in "terrorist" attack on a training base near the Ukrainian border: Two militants "from a former Soviet state" were killed while carrying out an attack, says the Kremlin

11 people were killed and 15 injured at a military training ground in Russia

State authorities described the fatal incident as a 'terrorist attack.'

Two volunteers from the "former Soviet nation" allegedly opened fire on their training group.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the attackers were shot dead at the scene.

At least 11 soldiers were killed, and 15 others were wounded at a military training ground in Russia in an incident that local authorities declared a "terrorist attack."

Today, Saturday, the Russian Defense Ministry revealed that attackers opened fire on a group of volunteers preparing to fight in Ukraine.

The attack is said to have occurred in the Belgorod region bordering Ukraine.

The Defense Ministry said two volunteer soldiers shot their colleagues before killing themselves.

At least 11 people were killed at the scene, and 15 others were seriously injured.

The accident occurred during target practice when two volunteers from an unnamed ex-Soviet country opened fire on the training set.

The ministry described the incident as a terrorist attack. Ukraine has not claimed responsibility for the accident.

Ukrainian forces recently recaptured the city of Kobyansk, east of Kharkiv, northeastern Ukraine.

"During a firearms training session with personnel who voluntarily expressed their desire to participate in the special military operation (against Ukraine), the terrorists opened fire with light weapons on the unit personnel," the ministry said in a statement to local media.

As a result of the shooting, 11 people were fatally wounded. Another 15 people with injuries of varying severity were taken to a medical facility.

The shooting comes amid a hasty mobilization ordered by President Vladimir Putin to bolster Russian forces in Ukraine - a move that sparked protests and caused hundreds of thousands to flee Russia.

Putin said on Friday that more than 220,000 reservists had already been called up as part of efforts to recruit 300,000.

Despite the Russian leader's announcement that only people who have recently served in the military will be subject to a summons, activists, and rights groups have reported that military enlistment offices are collecting people who do not have any military experience - some of whom are also unfit to serve on medical grounds.

Ukraine's military expelled Russian forces from occupied territories in the northeast of the country in counterattacks this week.

Some newly called reservists posted videos of being forced to sleep on the ground or outside and given rusty weapons before being sent to the front lines.

The authorities acknowledged that the mobilization was often poorly organized and promised to improve the situation.

Putin said earlier this week that the latest military mobilization he's ordered is ending, and he has no plans for further enlistment once it is over.

But this week, it was revealed that Iranian forces have quietly joined the Ukrainian frontline to help train Moscow's forces on how to operate kamikaze drones.

According to the Mirror, up to 50 Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) specialists have been sent to the southern and eastern fronts with hundreds of Shahid-136 drones.

A raid using Iranian-made 'suicide drones' struck near Kiave, a small city 31 miles west of Kyiv, on Thursday, destroying vital infrastructure.

Although the Iranian regime has denied the involvement of its forces in the conflict, IRGC forces are reported to have been stationed at Dzhankoy in Crimea and Kherson in the south, where one team has already been destroyed.

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