Texas send more buses of immigrants near the U.S. Capitol

Texas continues to put pressure on the capital as more buses of immigrants arrive near the U.S. Capitol.

Texas continues its campaign to get the federal government's attention as more illegal immigrants arrive in the nation's capital from Texas by bus.

The latest bus of immigrants from Texas arrived in the capital late Tuesday night. Texas said it had sent at least 5,100 immigrants to the nation's capital.

Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser, who has advocated the admission of immigrants entering the country illegally as a human rights issue, has requested that the District of Columbia National Guard be activated indefinitely to aid in what she described as a "humanitarian crisis."

Texas Governor Greg Abbott blasted the Biden administration on Tuesday on Hannity for refusing to deal with the ongoing border crisis, saying, "Believe me, we have more buses on the way because we're talking now. But it just shows the hypocrisy of these liberal leaders in the Northeast who are. They think the border crisis that Joe Biden created is OK as long as Texas deals with it."

"But once they deal with it with true confidence in the crisis, they are over-armed, demanding the National Guard as it points out to deal with only a tiny fraction of what we had to deal with every single day," Abbott continued. "We will continue to send those buses out there until they fully understand and, most importantly - until the Biden administration does its job of enforcing the laws around the border."

Abbott sent the migrants by bus to the capital as a policy statement about President Biden's handling of the immigration crisis on the southern border.

Bowser and New York City Mayor Eric Adams sounded the alarm about sending immigrants back to their cities, with city leaders blaming Arizona and Texas for the influx. (Arizona has denied sending immigrants to New York City.)

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