What will happen in a nuclear war?

Temperatures are dropping, crops are dying, and oceans are freezing: What will happen in a nuclear war.

A study shows that temperatures will drop in a more significant shift than in the last Ice Age, and crops will fail worldwide after nuclear war breaks out.

The researchers warned that the after-effects would be long-lasting, with oceans taking hundreds of years to recover and fishing devastating.

Professor Sherrill Harrison of Louisiana State University said: "It doesn't matter who is bombing who. It could be India and Pakistan or NATO and Russia. And once smoke is released into the upper atmosphere, it spreads globally and affects everyone."

In all simulated scenarios, nuclear firestorms would release soot and smoke into the upper atmosphere that would block the sun, resulting in crop failures worldwide.

In the first month after the nuclear exchange, average global temperatures will drop by about seven degrees Celsius, a more significant temperature change than during the last ice age.

Ocean temperatures will drop rapidly and not return to their pre-war state. As the planet gets colder, sea ice expands more than six million square miles and six feet deep in some basins, clogging essential ports, including Beijing's Tianjin, Copenhagen, and St Petersburg.

A sudden drop in light and ocean temperatures, particularly from the Arctic to the North Atlantic and North Pacific, will kill marine algae, which form the basis of the marine food web, essentially causing ocean famine.

This would stop most fishing and aquaculture.

"Nuclear war has devastating consequences for everyone," said co-author Alan Roebuck, Distinguished Professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

The study shows the global interconnectedness of Earth's systems, especially in the face of disturbances caused by volcanic eruptions, wildfires, or wars.

" Volcanic eruptions will happen again," Harrison said, when we talk about resilience and how to design our society, we think about what we need to do to prepare for climate shocks that will not happen." get away from it.

"We can and should do everything we can to avoid nuclear war. The effects are likely to be catastrophic globally."

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