Officials say monkeypox has spread at two major Los Angeles County concerts

Officials say monkeypox has spread at two major Los Angeles County concerts

Los Angeles County officials have reported transmission of monkeypox, with some recent cases involving people who attended significant events here and infected people who had not traveled out of the state.

"There's been some of what we call 'community transport.' This isn't from travelers or people who went elsewhere and got monkeypox elsewhere. It's monkeypox here in L.A. County because it was transmitted from someone else here in L.A. County. Los Angeles had monkeypox," Barbara Ferrer, director of public health, said at this week's Board of Supervisors meeting.

Overall, there were 30 hypothetical or confirmed cases of monkeypox in Los Angeles County as of Thursday.

Where is monkeypox common in Los Angeles County?

"The majority of the people diagnosed here in Los Angeles with monkeypox were people who attended two huge parties," Ferrer said this week. "So we did a lot of particular communication with the attendees at these events."

Among humans, monkeypox can be transmitted through constant skin-to-skin contact with a person who has an active rash. In some cases, in the case of the current outbreak, the inflammation was found in the genital area.

Health officials note that some recent cases have been among men who had sex with men.

But officials stressed that anyone could contract or transmit monkeypox, including family and friends who care for patients. The virus can be transmitted through shared bedding and clothing. It can also spread through kissing and breathing from very close distances.

The primary transmission method is through virus-filled skin lesions, which can be filled with infectious pus. It is reasonable for a person to be contagious without having lesions on the skin, such as if the lesion is in their throat or mouth, and they can spread the virus to people.

Monkeypox is not contagious anywhere close to coronavirus and measles, which can stay in the air in a room for more than an hour.

What can be done if exposed to monkeypox?

Ferrer said Los Angeles County health officials are arranging opportunities for people exposed to monkeypox to get a vaccine against the disease to avoid infection.

The supply of monkeypox vaccines is limited. County health officials are introducing the Jynneos vaccine to reach people at higher risk.

What does the monkeypox rash look like in the current outbreak?

Freelance video producer Matt Ford wrote a story on BuzzFeed explaining his exposure and infection with monkeypox, including pictures of the rash. He said a friend tested positive for monkeypox and called him on June 17 to tell him he may have been exposed through skin-to-skin contact.

"I checked myself for stains and noticed cuts in the underwear area," Ford wrote. "The next day, I started having flu-like symptoms: high fever.

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