By Sameh Selim: The Chinese invade the north

Mr. Sameh Selim

The Chinese invade the north

The North Pole is the password, as this region rich in natural resources and virgin land has become coveted by many countries, not only for its natural resources but for its location and strategic importance, which has increased recently after global warming and ice melt dramatically, which led to the formation and emergence of a new sea corridor that will change international trade routes and provide 20 days of the cruise that uses the old sea routes.

There is a new maritime route across the North Pole from China to Europe, the United States and Canada, passing through Norway and Iceland, which is known as the New Maritime Silk Road, which is the northern route parallel to Russia, and it is the most suitable route for use now, and the Russians discovered this route using Icebreakers to open a sea corridor, followed by China, which is now invading this region through three main axes, which is to spread and secure this road in cooperation with Russia and try to control and benefit from the region's natural resources and invest in giant projects in the lands of countries bordering this region, which is what China is accustomed to in the idea of ​​invasion economic, as it is the factory of the world, and it uses its economic soft power in various ways Seize the markets with their goods and investments, as they surreptitiously infiltrate the peoples of the world with their soft power and dominate the people even if they are not in agreement with their government.

With the increase in maritime transport and the high costs, the countries concerned, first and foremost China, have come to solutions that will change the naval transport paths and mechanisms. It has started building giant ships similar to marine dinosaurs, such as the vast Jack Saada ship, which has a length of 4 football fields. These massive ships through the Suez Canal will become impossible paths, and the only way out of this predicament is to develop investments in the axis of the Suez Canal so that it becomes an area for production, export, and port development able to accommodate these giant ships.

On the political and strategic level, China and the United States are playing a game of strategic chess. The United States has entered the South China Sea and the Indian and Pacific Oceans with its allies and naval military power, while China is doing the same now with its economic power in the Arctic. Are the Chinese coming? The answer is yes; they are coming, the current invaders of the north.

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