A 9-year-old is an orphan after a psychotic gunman shot his parents

The victims

A 9-year-old is an orphan after a 23-year-old psychotic gunman shot his mother, father, and six-year-old sister while on a family vacation in an Iowa campground before committing suicide in a "random violent act."

Arlo Schmidt, 9, was the sole survivor of the Iowa campfire that killed parents Sarah and Tyler Schmidt, both 42, and sister Lola, 6.

Police said Anthony Sherwin, 23, shot and killed family members Friday before shooting himself west of Maquoketa Caves State Park.

Loved ones mourn the tragedy of the Cedar Falls family as they gather to raise money for food and education for an orphaned child.

A nine-year-old has been orphaned after a 23-year-old gunman killed his mother, father, and 6-year-old sister at an Iowa campground before shooting himself in an apparently "random act of violence."

The motive is also unclear.

Officials aren't sure if Sherwin — visiting from La Vista, Nebraska, had any connection to the victims. DailyMail.com contacted his family for more information.

Parents Sarah and Tyler Schmidt, both 42, and daughter Lola, 6, were murdered Friday morning while camping in Iowa. And Arlo Schmidt, 9, was the only survivor.

Mitch Mortvedt of the Iowa Department of Public Safety also noted that the attack may have been indiscriminate.

"Today, my life shattered," Morehouse wrote. My beautiful, intelligent, and funny curly-haired brother, her husband, and their 6-year-old daughter were victims of random acts of violence while camping as a family in Iowa.

"Their 9-year-old son has been able to survive and has lifelong trauma to come."

The victims' family set up a GoFundMe page to help support Arlo and create an education fund for his future.

Anthony Orlando Sherwin, 23, of Nebraska, was found dead from a gunshot wound. Police believe Sherwin shot Schmidts at Maquoketa Caves State Park.

No motive was shown for the murders. Sherwin was visiting Iowa from Nebraska. His blank Facebook profile is pictured above.

The camps were cleared after the shooting as police searched for Sherwin, whose body was found west of the center.

She added that it was inconceivable that life would go on without her sister or younger niece.

I can't understand that [Sarah] won't be on the other side of the phone," Morehouse said. "I can't understand that I can't see Lola growing up."

Cedar Falls Mayor Rob Green, a neighbor of the Schmidt family, also expressed his grief over the family's tragic death Friday and urged residents to help support Arlow.

"Please extend some additional grace to Schmidt's many friends, neighbors, and colleagues as we attempt to address this tragedy," wrote Green, who knew Sarah while working at Cedar Falls Public Library.

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