Families of students injured in the Uvalde school shooting are taking legal action

Families of students injured in the Uvalde school shooting are taking legal action.

 Families of four students injured in the Uvalde school shooting have arrived in court, CBS Dallas' Julia Falcone reports.

The four children sustained gunshot wounds and other injuries after a gunman entered Robb Primary School on May 24.

When the armed boy killed 19 students and two teachers, at least 17 children and adults were injured.

Attorney Thomas J. Henry and his team investigated the school shooting facts. He needs answers to many questions, including how the gunman purchased the guns and ammunition he used, how he entered to the school, and the reaction of law enforcement. Henry represents the four families.

"This preliminary lawsuit will allow us to discover evidence and potentially add other parties to the lawsuit, if necessary," Henry said in a statement. "The discovery process will focus on the school system, law enforcement, social media, and arms and ammunition manufacturers."

The statement said the lawyer is also considering questions about the gunman's past, including potential red flags or threats of violence that may have been posted on social media or communicated directly to others but not correctly reported to law enforcement.

Initially, the petition was filed against the gunman's property. Henry is now exploring all available legal avenues against all parties responsible for potential violations of constitutional rights, gun law violations, and violations of school safety laws, policies, and procedures.

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