Was 12 minutes not enough to secure the school and save innocent lives?

Dr. Marian Tadrous

By Dr. Marian Tadrous: Why was the criminal not arrested before entering school? Why were the doors not closed?

It took 12 minutes for the gunman to enter the school from the time his car crashed and broke down in front of the school.

What happened during that period?

11:27 A teacher walked into the school and left the door open

11:28 He got out of the car and shot two people who were going to a funeral

People reported to the police the presence of a dangerous gunman in front of the school.

Then Ramos started shooting outside the school before entering at 11:31

The police headed towards the school at 11:32

Ramos entered the school at 11:33, which was after the police arrived.

Shoot 100 bullets at two classes of children

Three policemen followed him into the school, then the fourth one at 11:35

Then 19 officers entered at 12:03

Ramos was shot and killed at 12:50

There is poor planning and an assessment of the seriousness of the situation. These innocent people paid the price amid procrastination, wasting time, and allowing the criminal to enter the school without closing the doors and announcing the emergency alarm. The external and internal doors of all classes were supposed to be locked before the arrival of the police.

The criminal was wandering in front of the school with a weapon for 12 minutes, enough to secure the school from the inside quickly and not wait for the police. The matter became more complicated for the police after the criminal entered the school and hid in one of the classrooms. The process of killing the students only took one minute, and it was difficult to stop him kiss her.

Securing the schools is a significant responsibility now. There must be electronic doors that close immediately when there is a feeling of any danger or a stranger wandering around the school. It would have been possible to save innocent lives had it not been for the school administration's mishandling of the situation by leaving the door open and not closing it after they heard the shooting and saw the criminal through Cameras wandering in front of the school in an active shooting.

There must be a security plan for all schools, not by arming teachers, because we are not in a war zone, but through bulletproof electronic doors and security personnel responsible for monitoring cameras every minute and taking quick measures to protect the children who went to school safe for their lives. The sight of parents hurts me. They cry because they do not know that sending their children to school sent them to death, terror, and destruction.

Cruel and heartbreaking moments that children lived in the last minutes of their lives screaming and crying, watched by their living colleagues who pretended to die so as not to be killed, children of flowerage staining their bodies with the blood of their friends. In contrast, they were killed next to them; they could not even cry for fear of killing them.

What is this bitterness they experienced? What education is this? How will they continue their lives after this tragic accident? We all feel insecure about ourselves and our children, and many teachers are still wondering how long teens and 18-year-olds will be allowed to carry weapons? At a time when the law forbids them to buy cigarettes and alcoholic beverages?

Where is the right of society also? If the law protects the individual's health from smoking and alcohol, then it is first.

That the law protects the innocent lives of children and teachers

There should be at least a police car next to every school to be a deterrent to anyone thinking of a repeat of this incident.

I hope that Congress will take severe and quick steps to introduce new laws prohibiting the carrying of weapons for those under 21 years of age.

I hope that these innocent angels will be a message of light to all American society by educating their children about the dangers of carrying weapons early. Children have become isolated from their families by entering the virtual world and social media into every home, affecting their thinking and exposure to violence and crimes through films, games, and others. Unfortunately, it became difficult to stop.

I hope the school killing file is closed and that this is the last incident that broke all of our hearts.

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