The Ministry of Justice investigated the police slow response


Dramatic new footage shows cops smashing windows at Texas school massacre as dispatchers are heard saying: 'A boy says the room is full of victims'

A dramatic new video reveals the traumatic Texas shooter Salvador Ramos, 18, who was 77 minutes old, inside the school building, killing 19 children and two teachers.

 The Ministry of Justice said it reviewed the police response and had not dealt with the shooter more quickly.

The video shows police officers rushing towards the school building, smashing windows to evacuate children.

Customs and Border Protection agents have worked with local police and lawmakers to bring children to safety.

Local police reportedly asked CBP agents not to enter the school when they first arrived at the scene.

Meanwhile, disturbing new information indicates that approximately 20 policemen waited 45 minutes to engage the gunman.

Rolando Ramos, the El Salvador shooter, was immune, and police thought any potential victims were already dead.

Chief Petty Officer Colonel Stephen Macro now admits: "It was a wrong decision. Period. There was no excuse for it."

Federal offices defying local authorities went to the building, and Ramos was shot dead.

A disturbing new video shows children fleeing a Texas school massacre where a police reporter can be heard advising them that the classroom is full of mass shooting victims.

The clip, which aired on Good Morning America Monday morning, shows police smashing windows at the Elementary School in Uvalde.

Children and some adults can be seen fleeing the building moments later. Meanwhile, chilling audio footage can be heard over police radio showing the scale of the bloodbath.

This witnessed the killing of 19 children and teachers by the gunman Salvador Ramos (18 years), who was later killed by police bullets.

The 911 dispatcher can be heard asking, "Room 12, are we able there anyone inside the building...2.1, the child advises him to be in the room. Full of victims. Full of victims in this 'moment."

The video and audio shed new light on Salvador Ramos, 18, who was gut-wrenching for 77 minutes inside the building before the shootings and shootings killed 19 children and two teachers and injured others.

The Justice Department will review the police response after angry and grieving parents wanted to know why police did not deal with the shooter more quickly.

At a news conference, the chief of police, Colonel Stephen Macro, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, looked quivering and teary-eyed as he shared the harrowing details of a call from a child trapped inside the classroom as the gunman entered.

"She introduced herself and whispered that she was in room 12," Macron said.

At 12:10 pm, I called again in room 12 and advised several dead people. At 12:16 pm, she called again and said 8-9 students were alive.

The video revealed the agonizing 77 minutes Ramos was inside the school building before the police reached the locked door and killed the madman.

The investigation found that the school district police chief mistakenly believed the situation was no longer an active shooter and ordered the tactical teams not to enter the classroom, the news site reported.

Previous reports revealed that 20 policemen waited at least 45 minutes to engage the gunman.

 It was a wrong decision. a period. McCraw admitted that there is no excuse for that.

The source said that federal offices defying local authorities entered the building about an hour later, and Ramos was shot dead.

Survivor Daniel Garza, 9, whose cousin was killed in Tuesday's massacre, shared the terrifying experience.

Garza explained how his teacher Elsa Abala was shot twice but escaped death with his mother at his side.

"She quickly slammed the door and was running, and she was shot and fell to the ground, and it was like playing dead," he said. "He [Ramos] was standing there with his rifle banging on the window."

On Sunday, President Biden and the first lady visited the school where angry, frustrated, and sad parents shouted, 'Do something! Do something!'

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