Russia brought down satellite internet in Ukraine

Russia brought down satellite internet in Ukraine 

The United States and the European Union said Russia was behind a massive cyberattack on the satellite internet that knocked out tens of thousands of modems at the start of the Russia-Ukraine war. Tuesday.

The digital attack on Viasat's KA-SAT network occurred in late February when Russian armor entered Ukraine. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the cyberattack aimed to " disrupt Ukrainian command and control during the invasion, which will affect other European countries."

The Viasat outage remains the most visible cyber-attack since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, partly because the hackers directed consequences for satellite internet users across Europe countries.

"After disabling these offline modems, it's not like you unplug them, plug them back in, reboot, and then come back," Rob Joyce, the US National Security Agency director of cybersecurity.

The consequences of the hack on the Ukrainian have not been announced. Still, government contracts reviewed by Reuters show that KA-SAT provided internet connectivity to Ukrainian army and police units.

In March, Ukrainian cybersecurity official Viktor Zora said that destroyed of the satellite modem caused a loss of communications.

In a statement, the Ukrainian State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection said Russia was an "aggressor state that attacks Ukraine not only on our land but also in cyberspace."

Viasat said that it had "acknowledged" the announcement and would continue to work with government officials to investigate the breach. The company did not provide any reply on the events.

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