Maryland man threatens elementary school with mass violence


Maryland man threatens elementary school with mass violence: Sheriff

Maryland was arrested Wednesday, May 25, for making multiple threats of mass violence against a school just hours after killing 19 elementary students and two teachers in a Texas school massacre, authorities said.

Earl Benjamin Washington Jr., 46, of Lexington Park, contacted a company in White Plains and Jill Bailey Elementary School, where he made multiple threats of mass violence against them Tuesday, May 24, the Charles County Sheriff's Office said.

The sheriff's office said: "Calls to the designated locations relate to people he knows and is believed to be in contact with the home."

Tuesday's Texas massacre was the deadliest school shooting since Sandy Hook, paired with threats from Washington that shook Gale Bailey to the core.

District Supervisor Dr. Maria F. Navarro made the following statement in part:

"As a parent, I know that when school shootings happen, these incidents cause panic, stress, anxiety, and fears.

"I have asked our school principals to ensure that school resource officers and staff remain diligent in being aware of their surroundings and visitors to our schools and buildings. Our schools and buildings feature a closed entry system where staff uses a visitor surveillance camera at main entrances. Staff also monitor exterior doors to ensure they remain closed throughout the day scholastic."

Additional officers have been deployed to schools out of great caution.

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