Buffalo Mayor : the supermarket shooting will be a 'turning point for the country

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says the supermarket shooting will be a 'turning point for the country as New York Gov. Cathy Hoshol doubles down on blaming Twitch for allowing the massacre to be broadcast.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said Sunday he feels the racially motivated shootings at a Tops supermarket will be an essential 'turning point for gun control.

Brown and New York Gov. Cathy Hochhol blame the internet and social media for allowing extremist views to be shared.

Hochul doubled down on blaming Twitch for allowing the shooting to be broadcast live and on Saturday said they were 'morally complicit in the massacre.

A spokesperson said their teams have been scouring the platform for any republishing of Payton Gendron's racist killing spree in Buffalo.

The video was removed two minutes after it was posted

Governor said violent live broadcasts should be removed in 'seconds.'

Twitch says: 'Any accounts that post actual violence will be suspended indefinitely.

Mayor Byron Brown said Sunday that Saturday's shooting in Buffalo, New York, that left ten people dead could be the latest "turning point" for US firearms legislation as Gov. Kathy Hochhol doubled down on blaming social media. Comp.

"I think what happened in Buffalo, New York yesterday, will be a turning point," the mayor said. "I think it will be different from the energy and activity that we see."

Governor Hochul also spoke with NBC Sunday morning, where she once again blamed streaming site Twitch for being complicit in the massacre.

"How long did it take [the buffalo shooting] on the live broadcast before someone noticed?" Hochul questioned the announcer, Todd. "The [social media] companies are making a lot of money; they are very profitable. And in my opinion, they have the opportunity to do more monitoring and shut things down before it comes to this situation.

Payton Gendron, 18, has streamed a racially motivated mass shooting on Twitch, which video gamers mainly use to broadcast their virtual adventures.

"It's about getting the guns," Hochul said we have a Supreme Court case that could be decided in weeks to allow people to have a concealed handgun — to walk peaks behind me with a concealed weapon this time."

So we have to deal with this access to weapons.

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