200 soldiers "Volunteers" per week in Russia

200 soldiers "Volunteers" per week in Russia 

According to the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR), a new campaign to recruit "volunteers" for contract military service intensified in the Russian Federation. Each region is forced to find 200 people per week.

Volunteers are expected to cover the losses of the units that took part in the war in Ukraine. Several new divisions are also planned.

The military command of the Russian Federation has set clear "recruitment criteria": for the Far East and the Federal Districts of Siberia, up to 200 "volunteers" per week. At the same time, no recruitment was ever carried out in Moscow.

Promotional events are held with volunteers to motivate them to serve. In particular, traditional Russian narratives about the "collective West" and "non-existent Ukraine" are repeated.

They also promise better wages and benefits.

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