The Republican Party Withdraws From The US Presidential Debate Committee

The Republican Party Withdraws From The US Presidential Debate Committee

The Republican National Committee voted Thursday unanimously to withdraw from the presidential debate committee, saying the group that has run debates for decades is biased and rejects reforms.

"We will find newer and better discussion platforms to ensure that future candidates are not forced to delve into a biased CPD to make their case to the American people," committee chairwoman Rona McDaniel said.

The RNC's procedure requires Republican candidates to agree in writing to appear only in primary and general election debates approved by the committee.

The nonprofit commission, established in 1987 to note discussions as a permanent part of the presidential election, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

It is unclear what form future discussions backed by the Republican National Committee will take or whether they will occur as often as they have in recent decades.

The move, which followed months of wrangling between the Congolese National Assembly and the commission, is likely to prevent voters from seeing the Republican and Democratic candidates simultaneously.

Millions of Americans typically watch presidential debates, and many viewers say it helps them decide who to vote for.

The FNC's decision follows grievances aired by former President Donald Trump and other Republicans about the timing and formats of debates and the choice of mediators.

Defenders of debates say they are an essential component of the democratic process, but critics say they have become television scenes in which viewers learn little about the candidates' politics.

Trump refused to participate in his second debate with Biden in 2020 after the committee turned him into a virtual contest after Trump contracted COVID-19.

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