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Q: What does comprehensive car insurance cover?

A: Auto insurance covers your car, and others associated with a car accident, treatment costs, and the cost of towing and renting a car while your vehicle is being repaired due to an accident.

Q: Is there are different types of insurance coverage?

A: Yes, there are different types of insurance coverage which are as follows: Bodily Liability, Property Damage Liability, Comprehensive, Uninsured Driver Collision.

Q: Is car insurance mandatory?

A: Yes, auto insurance is mandatory in all the US states across the United States, but insurance laws vary. And to make sure you have the right insurance, visit the DMV website for your state government.

Q: What happens if I don't get car insurance?

A: If you have an accident and are not insured, you will face a lawsuit if you do not pay the amount of compensation, a lien on your property, damage to your credit history, or withholding part of your salary.

Q: How much does car insurance cost?

A: Car insurance is relatively inexpensive, but this depends on your driving history, type of vehicle, age, and residential area.

Q: Can I put anyone in my insurance policy?

A: You can include your family members in your policy, but they must all live at the same address.

Q: Can you pay for car insurance once a month or annually?

A: Some insurance companies leave this to your choice. Some will offer you a lower premium rate if you pay your insurance premiums annually. Some insurance companies allow payment in automatic monthly installments from a bank account or credit card without any additional expenses.

Q: What happens if someone forgets to pay the insurance premium?

A: Your insurance company will mail you a notice for your first offense. They will issue a delayed charge or cancel the policy if it happens again.

Q: What is deductible insurance?

A: Deductible insurance means the amount of money the person pays after an accident before the insurance company pays the remaining amount. When the deductible is high, the insurance cost becomes low.

Q: Can the person change the coverage whenever he wants?

A: Yes, but he will be charged a cancellation fee if the cancellation is made before the policy expires. If he waits until the end of your policy, you will not be charged.

 You can also add or cancel some policy terms or increase or decrease the amount of insurance covered by the policy.

Q: Can a car insurance company deny you the service?

A: Yes, they can. If there is fraud or falsehood in the data provided to the insurance company, if it causes a severe accident, if there are several accidents, or if there is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Q: Does gender affect accommodation prices?

A: Yes, type affects premium rates. Using statistical driving data, it has been shown that male drivers generally participate in more accidents. As a result, male drivers pay higher premiums than their female counterparts. 

Q: How can I get a discount for insurance?

A: By being a good student, having a clean driving record, and asking the insurance agent about the available discounts or discounts, such as having more than one car in one policy or home and car insurance with the same company and some jobs, you get a deal like doctors, lawyers, engineers, and some other professions Or the driver who has not had any accidents or traffic differences in the last three years, and there is also a discount if you shop a few miles annually, as well as a deal if you last more than three years with the same company.

Q: If I am driving someone else's car and have an accident, can I use the insurance?

A: You will use their auto insurance. For any remaining costs, you will use your insurance

Q: Will getting a parking violation on my car record increases my insurance premium?

A: If you have a ticket on your driving history, your premium rates will not be affected.

Q: My car is 20 years old. Will the insurance still cover it?

A: It depends on the shape of the car. Usually, older cars are provided with less coverage because they are not worth a lot of money and are more likely to be disposed of in an accident.

Q: Does the private insurance policy cover a rented car?

A: Your insurance policy will cover the rented car if you have comprehensive insurance in most cases. It is preferable to ask the insurance company to ensure that the rented vehicle will be covered.

Q: How long does the person take to File a Claim for the car?

A: It should only take 20 minutes to file a claim with your insurance agent.

Q: When can a car insurance company deny your accident claims?

A: They can deny your allegations if they prove a deliberate accident to the car or that the person was driving recklessly or lied about the damages caused by the accidents.

Q: Will my car insurance be paid to replace my stolen car?

A: It depends on what insurance coverage you have. Comprehensive coverage will protect you in this type of event.

Q: Do car insurance companies share my information?

A: Yes. Auto insurers will share the history of your Claim insurance claims with each other.

Q: How does the person know if he getting insurance at an affordable price?

A: By making comparisons of insurance prices between more than one company through Broker because it is an agent for a large number of companies and helps the person to get a quote for several companies in just a few minutes

Q: Which insurance company is the best?

A: This entirely depends on your area and the type of coverage you are looking for.

The evaluation of the company is that it has an A+ rating

Q: What happens if I cancel my insurance policy before the contract expires?

A: You will be charged for cancellation fees, but some companies do not deduct any cancellation fees when terminating the contract before the specified contract period between the insurance company and the insured.

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