By Sameh Selim: The end of the political role of the United Nations

Mr. Sameh Salem

The end of the political role of the United Nations

Will the political and diplomatic role of the United Nations end with the escalation of the Ukrainian-Russian war?

There is no doubt that the meager and weak role that the United Nations is playing now is not a product of the current war, but rather for several years when the international political and international diplomatic will to resolve disputes by peaceful means and prevent wars before their outbreak has been absent. This is due to several factors, the most important of which is

The control of the great powers over the political decision of the United Nations and its authority in the international organization

Absence of prediction of the occurrence of conflicts and wars before their outbreak and the attempt to abort them before they erupt and lead to ruin and destruction

- The absence of a future political and diplomatic vision for those responsible for diplomatic work, or they are not qualified for this work. In this regard, we quickly compare what the former Secretary-General, Dr. Boutros Ghali, did as a seasoned politician and diplomat and a university professor in international law and political science. His sovereignty had a future vision and a prediction of what could be achieved. It occurs from wars and conflicts that he was able to prevent before they happened, so he was constantly traveling and communicating with all political forces in the world to resolve disputes by peaceful means, compared to the former Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, who was a doctor and did not have the political and diplomatic experience for this hard work.

The dominance of the great powers over the international organization's decisions has confined its political and diplomatic role largely. It has recently become closer to an international service organization with its specialized subsidiary organizations such as refugee relief and providing aid to countries affected by natural disasters, epidemics, diseases, and those affected by wars after their outbreak.

- The decline of this role will write a new chapter in international politics for the end of the political and diplomatic part of the United Nations, in the wake of which the Third World War will erupt.

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