Anonymous 'leaked nearly a million emails from Russian state media'

Anonymous 'leaked nearly a million emails from Russian state media'

Hackers claimed to have released 900,000 emails spanning over 20 years

An "unprecedented show" of all-Russian television and radio broadcasts

Anonymous declared electronic war on the Russian government when it invaded Ukraine

Since then, hackers have targeted Russian state media and the personal data of the forces

Anonymous hackers have claimed to have leaked more than 900,000 emails over 20 years from Russia's largest state media organization.

Network Battalion 65, or NB65, leaked a 786.2 GB email cache from the All-Russian State Radio and Television Corporation (VGTRK) with distributed denial of secrets (DDoSecrets).

Emma Best, the co-founder of DDoSecrets, said the leak was an 'unprecedented exposure' of state-owned media and propaganda that the Russian government considers essential to state security. " The latest accident since claimed responsibility for, including the downing of Russian state news agencies TASS, Fontanka, Kommersant, the Kremlin-backed channel RT the Kremlin website on February 28.

The group declared that "all soldiers involved in the invasion of Ukraine should be subject to a war crimes tribunal."

Anonymous declared "cyberwar against the Russian government" days after President Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine began on February 24.

The statement follows other attacks by the group on state media and Russian government websites.

Besides the 900,000 leaked emails, 4,00 files, primarily originals and media clips, were taken from the streaming company's cloud service.

VGTRK is Russia's largest state media organization, with five national television stations, two international networks, five radio stations, and more than 80 regional television and radio networks.

It also runs the Segodnya news agency, the Sputnik news agency.

A recorded message to President Vladimir Putin containing videos and photos of the invasion was sent from news outlets in the background days after the war began.

In the footage, a company spokesperson said: 'This is a letter to Vladimir Putin, from anonymity. Mr. Putin. The ongoing invasion of Ukraine has shown that your regime does not respect your neighbors' human rights or self-determination.

An anonymous person described Putin as the "instigator" of violence, referring to the killing of innocents.

The group also claimed on March 31 that it had hacked 62,000 emails from Marathon Group, a Russian investment firm owned by Alexander Vinokourov, which is currently under EU sanctions.

Anonymous said the details from the emails were put on DDoSecrets. The site has also published many emails from the Russian law firm Capital Legal Services which practices law in a variety of fields.

I made the post about 200,000 emails while "waiting for confirmation of attribution to a specific member of Anonymous."

The group also announced that it had taken down the website of the Kremlin-backed television channel RT, which broadcasts in Britain and has come under fire for its coverage.

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