Significant American business to withdraw from Russia

Significant American business to withdraw from Russia

Amazon: Shipments and Prime Video stopped but had no physical presence.

Apple: It has suspended all product sales but has no retail locations.

Coca-Cola: Suspension of all business in Russia. It was operating ten bottling plants through a licensed partner.

Kentucky Fried Chicken: Parent company Yum Brands suspends operations of 70 of at least 1,000 KFC restaurants in the country.

McDonald's: Operations are suspended at 847 locations in Russia. McDonald's will continue to pay the 62,000 workers there.

Microsoft: Suspending all sales of new products in Russia.

Netflix: The service is suspended in Russia.

Papa John's: All corporate operations have been suspended, but 188 franchisee-owned locations will continue to operate independently without corporate support.

PepsiCo: It has suspended Pepsi and other soft drinks sales but will continue to sell essential items such as infant formula. It operates two bottling plants in Russia and employs 20,000 workers there.

Pizza Hut: Yum Brands is finalizing an agreement to suspend all 50 of its Pizza Hut locations in Russia.

Starbucks: Suspending operations at all 130 Russian locations. It will continue to pay 2,000 workers during the shutdown.

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