Russian soldiers killed American journalist in Ukraine

American photojournalist Brent Reno

Russian soldiers killed American journalist in Ukraine 

American photojournalist Brent Reno was killed Sunday in Ukraine when Russian soldiers opened fire on a car in Arbin, a town 30 miles outside the capital, Kyiv. Police said a second US journalist, Juan Arredondo, was taken to hospital with shrapnel wounds.

In an interview from the hospital, Arredondo, 46, told Italian journalist Annalisa Camellia that the two men were filming refugees fleeing the area when their car overturned at a checkpoint and the Russians started shooting. Reno said she was hit in the neck.

Raynaud, 50, and his brother Craig have collaborated frequently on film and television projects. According to their website, they have covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the earthquake in Haiti, political turmoil in Egypt and Libya, extremism in Africa, cartel violence in Mexico, and the youth refugee crisis in Central America.

In a statement Sunday afternoon, the company said Renault was working on a project in Ukraine focused on the global refugee crisis for TIME Studios.

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