CDC warns US travelers to avoid more than 135 destinations


CDC announced that US travelers should avoid more than 135 destinations due to 'very high' COVID-19 levels

Federal health officials have warned American travelers should avoid more than 135 destinations on Monday due to COVID-19 variants.

The CDC moved South Korea, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Comoros, Saint Pierre, Miquelon, and French Polynesia to COVID-19 risk category four on Monday due to "very high" levels of the virus.

Avoid traveling to these destinations, the CDC says on its website. "If you have to travel to these destinations, make sure you have your full vaccination before you travel."

Two other destinations - Eswatini and Mauritius - have fallen from level 4 to level 3 and are now considered among the "high" COVID-19 levels.

Other changes on Monday include:

El Salvador has moved from level 2 to level 3.

Indonesia moved from Level 1 to Level 3.

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