Forecasters say a "severe" snowstorm could bring 4-6 inches on Friday


Forecasters say a "severe" snowstorm could bring 4-6 inches on Friday. What we know

It's a little late in the season, but residents can expect the first significant snowfall of the season on Friday, the state meteorologist said.

A National Weather Service meteorologist, Bryce Williams, said Wednesday that 4 to 6 inches of snow is expected in Metrust and Greater Milford on Friday. The areas towards the head can be as close as 8 inches.

"It appears to be an aggressive and fast-moving system, but it can bring down a good amount of snow before it gets out," he said.

Snow is expected to start sometime between 2-4 AM on Friday and last until between 11 AM and 2 PM. that day.

Williams said there are some possibilities for more as his office sees some "heavy snow squads" that could bring in more snow. As of midday Wednesday, he said, the best forecast is 3-6 inches.

 Forecasters say the area is expected to receive its first significant snowfall of the season -- 3-6 inches -- on Friday morning.

Perhaps most importantly, falling snow shouldn't be a backbreaker for those who have to shovel.

"It doesn't look like it's weighty snow," Williams said. "It's not the super-soft stuff; it's just snow."

Williams said the first significant snowfall this year late in the season is unusual.

"It's only been two years in the 131-year records with less snow at this point," he said.

COVID testing: Due to public safety concerns, the Marlborough COVID-19 testing site closed Friday.'

The snowstorm comes on the heels of what turned into an icy rainstorm on Wednesday that affected large parts of central, western, and northern Massachusetts, as well as New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

Williams said different air temperatures caused the icy weather. The air temperature above the ground was above 32 degrees, and moisture fell in the rain. However, since the Earth's temperature was below the freezing mark, the rain froze into ice as it descended.

"He created a lot of chaos there," he said.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation reported Wednesday morning that Route 2 was closed in Orange and Templeton due to several earlier accidents.

However, local dispatchers reported minor problems.

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