By Mr. Sameh Selim: A Letter to the Beautiful Marquise

Mr. Sameh Selim

Written by Mr. Sameh Selim: A Letter to the Beautiful Marquise

I hesitated a lot before writing this letter. There are those you meet or live with for many years who are not affected by you, and you are not affected by them. When you meet them or see them for the first time, other people feel like you have known them since a long time and have not met them or know them. When you see them at first sight, you feel joy and happiness and always wish To see even their picture to rejoice.

These personalities can be from ancient times, historical figures, the beautiful towers of nobility, generosity, love, famous artists, distinguished media figures, politicians, or other public figures.

And the matter does not stop there, but sometimes goes beyond it to simple personalities that we meet in our public life spontaneously or in our daily lives that are influenced by them and their beautiful and cheerful personalities.

Every human being you can meet, even by chance, smells of the fragrance of the beautiful time, and these are elements that we miss in this current time. We are looking for them between the past and the present. Perhaps the most beloved people to my heart were in the era of medieval Europe or the Marquis of France in the time of the European nobles. When I watch an old movie that tells this period of history In ancient Europe, I see the palaces of the nobles. These palaces were decorated with beautiful marquises in their outward appearance and their nature of beauty, sophistication, creativity in a cheerful personality, and a unique romance.

And the beautiful Marquises, even if they left our world since the Middle Ages, some personalities in our contemporary world can take us back to the time of the beautiful Marquises of the Middle Ages with unlimited creativity and beauty living in our surroundings.

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