By Margaret Ikladious: Christmas Treasures (6)

Christmas Treasures (6):

Written by Margaret Ikladious

Today I will explain some of the other symbols in the Christmas celebrations that have been popular around.

Continuing with the previous parts of the Treasures of Christmas:


Christmas tree decorations (part two):

13+ pinecones:

Christmas decorations vary in size from cones and pine cones and vary between cones.

Bronze and others smell like apples and cinnamon and have been used for a very long time.

In the Christmas decoration.

They are placed next to the fireplace, others are hung in trees, and some are placed in decorative pots.

Combine cinnamon and star anise to give the place a scent known as the smell of Christmas..!!

The conical pinecone symbolizes fertility, life, and endurance as it happened.

In the birth story, the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph endured the hardships of traveling with strength and patience.

 Then came the birth of the baby Jesus Christ.

And the conical pinecones bear the cold weather and contain the necessary grains inside.

To multiply and close it tightly, and as soon as it begins to be exposed to heat, it gradually begins to

Open their pockets and then start scattering those pills that quickly begin to process.

Reproduction usually happens after forest fires, so trees are renewed in forests

Once again!!!

Also, the shape of the pine cone indicates the gradation and the ascent to the top as it rises.

Our prayers are as high as our spiritual life progresses..!!

14+ Angels:

They symbolize the active presence of God and His presence among people and remind us of their presence in all events.

The Bible is like the Annunciation, accompanying the Nativity journey to the Holy Family and their backs to the shepherds.

15+ Tabla:

The colored drum abounds in the Christmas trees and is used at doors and entrances. Its colors and sizes vary, and it indicates giving from the heart. It also shows vigilance and attention.

Spiritual people, as the sound of hitting the drum, is loud and warns that something has happened or to indicate for something to happen.

But without knowing its origin and existence, I found a link due to the story of the song "Little Drummers Boy."

As the story (The Little Drummer Boy)

It is not a biblical story and is not found in the holy books, and there are no verses in the Holy Bible that refer to this event at all.

But this song has become ingrained in the minds of many people.

Selection because it speaks of the values ​​and images that resonate with each person, whether they ar realize it or not.

Especially since the lyrics of the song that was written explained the thoughts of the poor boy when he wanted to present.

A gift for the king who was born and did not possess anything but that he played on his drum, and his peak represents this the excellent value ​​in giving is giving from the heart despite poverty..!!!

16 + Christmas Spiders (Tinsel):

They are long branches of hair ornaments with shiny characters and represent spider webs.

It has a beautiful legend about Christmas and symbolizes this type of decoration.

Many people put them on Christmas trees or even hang them without knowing.

The story and legend of the Christmas spiders, which was traced back to it being on Christmas Eve.

A long time ago, a mother was busy cleaning the house in preparation for the best day.

From the days of the year, which is Christmas, not a single speck of dust was left, even spiders' nests.

That which fills all the roofs of the house has been banished and removed from every corner of the house and the top.

And the Christmas tree was beautifully decorated and tidy, and the poor spiders that.

I was banished with dirt and trash outside the house, distressed and sad because they could not.

Seeing the tree and not being present to visit the minor child Christ in the cave.

In that house, they had hope and hope that they would celebrate the baby Jesus..!!

Then the oldest and largest spider suggested that maybe you could wait for everyone to go.

At bed home and then get a good look around the house.

When the house was dark and silent, the spiders came out of their hiding place.

Outside and entering the house, they were delighted with its beauty when they approached the Christmas tree.

I ran the spiders back and forth all over the tree and up and down the branches and twigs, and they saw all the pretty things, and the spiders loved the Christmas tree.

It was a long night, they danced in the branches and the tree, and the spiders left the tree covered with cobwebs woven in extraordinary harmony.

And the legend tells that when morning came and the birthday of little Jesus came, and it's time for him to bless the house. He said he loved tiny spiders because they are God's creatures.

And his creation who swore and wanted to express her joy on Christmas and I was in her way.

I wove those sparkling threads, but the baby Jesus knew the mother who worked, diligently to make everything perfectly clean, and she will not be pleased.

She sees what the spiders have done, or you may not understand what happened, you may be sad..!!

And with all the love in his heart, his smiles, and the spiders' hope, he put a touch of honey.

Gently on the spider webs, the spider webs started to shine and shine.

They had all turned into silver-silver strands and sparkling golden-gold strands.

According to legend, people have hung on fawning Christmas trees since then. as it became custom to include the spider among the adornments.

17+ The Nutcracker:

Christmas decorations are spread in decorated nutcracker dolls in various shapes.

They are symbols of strength. Fortunately, it frightens malevolent spirits.

Nutcrackers are found in the form of wood carvings such as pawn, soldier, knight, king, or another profession since at least the 15th century, these nutcrackers depict a person with a

The largemouth that the user opens by lifting a lever at the back of the status.

Initially, one could insert walnuts into a big-toothed mouth and put it in the mouth cover down so broken walnut.

Modern nutcrackers are used for decoration, especially at the time.

Christmas is a season that has long been a traditional symbol.

The first original nutcrackers were seen in Germany and believed to have properties.

Like the guard because of its muscular appearance and because it symbolizes strength, it was made large and

Sometimes they are used to decorate gates and entrances.

Nutcrackers are also part of German folklore, where they serve as custodians of the house.

Carving of nutcrackers and quickly grew as a cottage industry

In rural areas covered with forests in Germany.

Its industry spread until it reached the United States of America.

To become an actress, infamous characters such as Junghanel,

Klaus Mertens, Karl, Olafkolbe, Petersen, Christian Ulbricht

The United States Postal Service (USPS) issued in October 2008 also issued four.

Stamps with The Nutcrackers for the first time.

18+ Crown:

The Crown is often used in Christmas decorations and is placed in the tree and symbolizes the King of Christ.

And that a king was born...

19+ penguins and bears:

This ornament symbolizes the meeting of creation in the birth of Jesus Christ.

The penguins that frequently appear as a modern element of Christmas are just related.

Relationship to snow and winter conditions of the season (Antarctic population).

They are somewhat lovable, and the same is true of other animals associated with snow environments, such as polar bears.

But in real life, the two species are from different poles, and polar bears are from the North Pole or the Arctic Circle)

Since their lives are far apart, they will never meet, as they do in some Christmas cards or Christmas decorations.

This is a symbol of the meeting of heaven and earth when Christ was born, who is the living God on earth.

20+ Owl:

There are many decorations in the form of owls and are placed in trees and near heaters and symbolize.

The light of Christ who dwelt in the darkness of the world.

Despite the difference in acceptance by many peoples, it is loved by the people.

European and American, and even consider it a symbol of insight and spiritual enlightenment with a halo of wisdom and virtue: Just as the Greek and Greek civilizations paid attention to this and appeared in all ages.

And about the old stories or legends that link the album to Christmas.

which you are talking about:

First novel

His family went to the forest at night under the moonlight to cut down a tree for the Christmas celebration. they had to decorate it on the same night, but the brocade on it, and then go to sleep...

But this year was different from every year, as the Owl remained hidden inside the tree for some time.

It's almost two weeks, and she was likely going out at night to eat what she could find at home.

Dry and light meals and nuts were placed in the house, and it is said that she was feeling.

Everything that happens around her in the house is moving and voices, and she was resorting to hibernation, which is a degree.

One of the degrees of sleep that birds use to provide food and energy to maintain life, but

The family found it when the trimmings were taken down, and it was here as a single ornament left deep in the tree.

It shocked the family when she saw her looking back and her head with big eyes.

She was soon taken to the vet to recover her health.

The second novel

So it happened in Florida, and this time, the guest was surprised by an oriental screaming owl, and instead of being hibernating in cold weather (this Owl is most likely hiding in a tree to avoid heatstroke) but when the family found her, she was in a state of activity and quickly took her to the vet, but the strange thing was that she smelled like marijuana..!!!

And we find that the two novels confirm the same event, which is the hiding of the Owl in the Christmas trees.

It is known that the Owl has a visual ability that can penetrate the darkness, which symbolizes

To the light of Christ who dwelt in the darkness of the world.

21- The Elf on the shelf or a Christmas elf:

The character of the Genie or Elf appeared many years ago and in American cultures and folklore.

Canadian, Irish, British...

The elf is a tiny elf who lives with Santa Claus in the North Pole.

And he works as his assistant in the man's and Santa's workshop to manufacture gifts for children.

The elf of Christmas is often depicted in a green or green monkey image.

Red with large, pointy ears and pointed hats.

And the Genie Elf is often with Santa Claus and continues to play in the workshop.

Santa Claus stays to take care of his Reindeer and does other tasks such as helping him make toys and gifts for Christmas.

And the legend of Alef evolved into a 2004 children's picture book written by (Carolie Ebersold) and her daughter (Chanda Bell) in Georgia.

The book is a story under the title (Christmas) written in rhyme, and this explains how Santa Claus knows who

He is a naughty and kind child, and this story describes how the "Genie Scout Elf" is hiding.

Santa Claus in people's homes to monitor daily events.

And as soon as everyone goes to bed, Dwarf Scout Elf flies to the North Pole.

To inform Santa about the good and bad activities that happened throughout the day from the kids.

And before the family wakes up every morning, the Dwarf Scouts fly back from the North Pole. By hiding in a new place every morning around the house, the Dwarf Scout plays a game.

Continuing from hiding with the family, Elf on the Shelf explains that Genie and his team gain the power of their magic by naming the children and loving them.

On the back of each book, families have the opportunity to write the name of their Genie and the date they were adopted

Once the dwarf Genie is named, the dwarf receives the power of its own Christmas magic and this magic.

He is allowed to fly to and from the North Pole quickly.

The book tells us how the magic might disappear if the dwarf Genie is touched, so The Elf on the Shelf rule states,

"There's only one rule we have to follow, so I'll be back and be here tomorrow Please don't do that and touch me. My magic might go away, and Santa won't hear everything I've seen or known."

Although families have been told not to touch their Dwarf Scouts, they can

Talk to him and tell him all their Christmas wishes so that they can accurately inform Santa…

The elf genie on the shelf is also Santa's best friend - better known as Saint Nicholas.

This story describes how the "dwarf genie" of Santa Claus hides in people's homes to monitor

To inform Santa about the good and bad activities that happened throughout the day before the family wakes up every morning and the elf flies back from the North Pole and hides by hiding in a new place every morning around the house and the elf scouts play a constant game of hiding with the family.

The visiting Genie Elf is present in children from the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas and after

So they go back to the North Pole until the next holiday season.

The Elf on the Shelf comes in a box containing a picture book with Elf stories and a doll with a picture of a bit of dwarf scout.

22+ Reindeer or deer:

Reindeer and deer symbolize their horns in the tree or statues around it.

To endurance and patience over hardships, as the Virgin and Saint endured.

Youssef Al-Najjar The hardships of traveling and traveling on the Christmas journey.

The Reindeer is not only associated with Santa Claus and his sleigh, so the Reindeer represents trips, wandering, and travel.

Safe, solid, and durable, as mentioned before.

23+ Pickled Cucumber:

It symbolizes life, as Christmas pickles are a Christmas tradition for some Americans.

Hide a pickle-shaped Christmas tree 

On an extra gift from Santa Claus, he is enjoying a year of good luck.

Two other distant stories are linking pickled cucumbers and Christmas:

The first:

It tells of if there was a fighter in the American Civil War born in Bavaria (what is now Germany) and was a prisoner and starved and begged a guard who was in prison to come.

She has a pickle to eat as the last time before his death..!!!

Mental and physical to live!!

The second :

The other story is related to one of the miracles of San Nicholas, as its story goes back centuries.

The middle of two Spanish boys who travel home from a boarding school to spend holidays. ..

When they stopped in a hotel at night, the owner of a bar attached to the hotel killed these boys and put them in their place.

In a large wooden barrel for pickles.

That evening, Saint Nicholas stopped at the same tavern and found the boys in the barrel.

And thanks to his prayers and supplications, they miraculously came back to life!!

24+ colored chains:

These intertwined and colorful chains symbolize the union and wrapping of all creation together, which was found in a more than excellent way during Christmas.

If we look at the cave model, we find that the shepherds and the Magi, as well as animals such as cows.

And the buffalo, sheep, and deer gathered around the manger in which the child Jesus was united together to bless that great event.


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