By Margaret Ikladious: Christmas Treasures (3)


Christmas Treasures (3)

Written by Margaret Ikladious

Today we will talk about some other symbols in Christmas celebrations:

Third: Santa Claus or Santa Claus:

The story of Santa Claus is a true story taken from Saint Nicholas, the bishop of Myra. Santa lived in the fifth century AD and was known for his love and generosity for children.

He is known in the Syriac Church as Mar Zukhi, meaning (virtuous, victorious, pure) the patron saint of sailors in Sicily, Greece, and Russia is also the patron saint of children.

In pagan Germanic traditions, children waited for the god Thor, who came on the eve of the feast.

The Yule is on December 25 and visits the houses that have prepared an altar for him in the (stove) and brings

Gifts for children who hang their wooden shoes on stoves hope to be filled with a gift.

During the night, Saint Nicholas distributed gifts to the poor and needy families without

For these families to know who the perpetrator is.

And he happened to die in December, which made it all related to the same celebration date.


The images were all combined in Europe with the tyranny of the idea of ​​free giving.

The recent image of Santa Claus was born by the American poet Clement Clark Moore.

Who wrote in 1823 a poem entitled "The Night Before Christmas" describing this

 Dear visitor, on Christmas Eve...

In 1881, the American painter Thomas Nest in the Harpers newspaper produced the first.

A drawing of Santa Claus as we know him today, with his beautiful red suit, long white chin, and his shoes

 Glossy black!!

It is said that this was part of a promotional campaign for a significant company that may be Coca-Cola!! and since then.

Santa Claus spread in his new dress (New Look) and became one of the most famous characters he loves children in the world.

And with the change of place (Santa Claus) abandoned his donkey, which was carrying gifts and toys.

To ride a sled on the ice pulled by eight deer, called a (reindeer) in the form of Distinguished in many poetry and illustrations.

And Santa Claus, with his white beard, red coat, and beautiful hood, takes a ride at night, Which precedes Christmas Eve in his cart drawn by eight reindeer.

Each deer has two ears, and the name of the ninth reindeer, "Rudolph," the red-nosed reindeer, has been added.

Shining in 1939, Santa Claus climbs chimneys to leave gifts in children's socks on the fireplace's mantelpiece around which the family gathers on cold winter nights.

Legend has it that Santa Claus lives in the North Pole, where the gift-making workshop is located.

Eid also receives help from diligent dwarves who have a unique history in Norse mythology.

And in 1860, the American painter produced the first drawing of Santa Claus as we know him today.

As a result, this character became famous in America, Europe, and other countries.


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