United Airlines offers discount to Tampa and Phoenix starting at $39 one way


United Airlines DST discount includes flights to Tampa and Phoenix starting at $39 one way.

While most of the country rolls back their hours on Sunday, United Airlines rolls back their fares.

Chicago-based airlines are taking advantage of the extra hour on Sundays of the end of daylight, saving time as low as $39 one way.

Sale is valid for travel between November 21 and March 9, 2022, for domestic one-way travel in Basic Economy Class. Cities with popular destinations like Tampa, San Diego, and Phoenix, with prices starting at $39 or a distance of 5,900 miles, plus taxes and fees.

Shoppers will need to book quickly; the Sale is valid from Sunday to Monday. Any people can plan to purchase tickets online on the current website www.united.com/en-us/daylights-savings.

United declared that the offer sale might not be available on all flights at the current time, as fares are controlled.

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