Tropical Storm Rick intensifies into a hurricane

Tropical Storm Rick intensifies into a hurricane

Tropical Storm Rick strengthened to the point of a hurricane before the expected move toward the southern coast of Mexico.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) said Saturday that Rick is expected to strengthen into a major hurricane when it reaches the coast.

The storm will bring "life-threatening storms and strong hurricane-force winds" from Tepan de Galeana to Punta San Telmo. 

In an advisory report, the National Hurricane Commission said the hurricane's center was 185 miles southwest of Acapulco, Mexico, and about 205 miles south of Zihuatanejo.

The storm moved from north to northwest at seven miles per hour and had maximum sustained winds near 80 miles per hour. However, a "quick reinforcement" is expected over the next day.

Movement from north to the northwest was expected over the next two days, with the storm's center approaching the coast on Sunday and Sunday night.

AccuWeather noted that the last storm to hit Mexico was Hurricane Pamela, which made landfall in the coastal state of Sinaloa on October 13.

The storm lost tropical characteristics before it crossed into Texas, but the Lone Star State is still dealing with heavy rainfall and multiple hurricanes. As a result, the outlet noted.

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