Three students arrested after brawl at California school


Three students arrested after brawl at California school - but details won't be revealed to the public

The effects of this week's skirmishes between students and staff at El Capitan High School continued to take shape on Friday, as Merced Police and Merced Union High School investigated the altercation.

Three students have been arrested and released on charges of misdemeanor assault so far. All three were under 18, which means that students' names and criminal records will be kept secret from the public.

MUHSD Deputy Superintendent Ralph Calderon told The Sun Star that the school is in the process of gathering all evidence and data for the district's investigation. Actions will be taken as necessary, including the potential suspension or expulsion of students and possible staff discipline if appropriate.

But due to the protection of the privacy of individuals and the privacy of individuals, most people will never know the full extent of the consequences of the accident.

Interest in the El Capitan incident erupted online this week as hundreds of students, parents, and the public debated whether staff use of force to end a fight went too far.

"I think these are tough questions because these kinds of experiences are not normal in school," Calderon said when asked to respond to criticism online about how MUHSD staff handled the fight.

"I repeat that we are looking into everything that has happened, and we will take appropriate action."

Use the force used to give criticism and support to students.

Pictures of the El Capitan brawl have drawn criticism from some who have described the methods applied to restrain the students as "abuse." Others defended the school staff's methods of dispelling the multiple fights that broke out during the lunchtime brawl.

A school resource officer and several MUHSD employees were involved in the incident. The police's preliminary investigation report showed that several employees sustained minor injuries.

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