The Food prices have increased by 15.7%


The Food prices have increased, with the U.S. seeing the price of meat, poultry, fish, and eggs soar by 15.7% in two years as experts warn that rising energy costs could push it even higher

 Last month, the United Nations' food price index reached its highest level in 10 years, reflecting skyrocketing food prices worldwide.

Globally, the price of vegetable oil has increased by 60 percent over the past year.

U.S. shoppers are also suffering from sticker shock, with the price of bacon up 17 percent and beef costing meat-eating consumers an additional 12.2 percent.

Experts attribute the rising costs to rising energy costs and other factors.

It represents an increase of 32.8% from September 2020.

Prices have also skyrocketed in the United States, where beef prices have jumped 12.2 % over the past year.

A carton of eggs is increased extra 10 % this year, The cost of fresh fish and seafood jumped 10.7 percent, and eggs drove back shoppers an additional 10 percent.

The dairy group was the only area to notice a decline after declining 0.5 percent year over year.

In the short term, food prices will continue to be affected by many factors, said David Ortega, associate professor and food economics expert at Michigan State University.

David Ortega, associate professor and food economics expert at Michigan State University, says many factors contribute to the high prices shoppers see in stores.

"Consumer behavior is changing, and demand is increasing as consumers are starting to re-emerge from this latest wave of virus cases," Ortega told Some severe logistical issues in the supply chain affect shipping and transportation times and add to the increasing costs.

He added that climate change is also playing a role.

Beef prices jumped 12.2 percent, joining other types of meat to become more expensive.

The dairy group was the only food category included in the U.S. where price drops were observed.

Fresh fish has become 11 percent more expensive since this time last year.

Bloomberg reported last month that rising energy costs are exacerbating the challenge.

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