Democrats release debt ceiling bill that will fund the government through December 3


Democrats release debt ceiling bill that will fund the government through December 3

House Democrats unveiled legislation Tuesday that would keep the federal government funded until December 3 and suspend next year's debt ceiling as deadlines to avert the two crises loom within days.

Republicans have insisted they will not support suspending the debt limit as a form of protest against Democrats' $3.5 trillion bills to expand social safety net programs.

While the bill linking the suspension of the debt limit until December 2022 to avoid a government shutdown is expected to pass the House of Representatives easily, it appears to lack votes in the Senate, where at least 10 Republicans would have to join all Democrats.

The bill also includes $28.6 billion to respond to recent natural disasters, including Hurricane Ida, recently devastated the south and east coast. That may attract the support of some Republicans who want to ensure that disaster aid gets to their districts promptly, but it probably won't attract a majority of the GOP.

Another $6.3 billion in the bill would provide temporary shelter for Afghan refugees in US facilities and foreign countries and resettlement efforts.

This bill to avoid a government shutdown on October 1 means lawmakers will haggle over long-term spending near the end of the year, using the December holiday to pressure themselves to reach a deal in time. 

By extending the funding through December 3, this legislation will allow Congress to negotiate full-year government funding bills that make historic and transformative investments for working families. "As we take this step today, it is a moral imperative to assist people who need it most," House Appropriations Committee Chair Rosa DeLauro (D-D) said in a statement.

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