Hurricane hits Massachusetts, 44,000 people remain without power


Hurricane hits Massachusetts, while Connecticut and Rhode Island are under flash flood warnings and 44,000 people remain without power.

A tornado was confirmed in Massachusetts this afternoon as Henry began his return to the sea.

Flash flood warnings from Henry, now a tropical depression, remained in effect across Connecticut and Rhode Island and parts of central and western Massachusetts.

The storm made landfall in Westerly, Rhode Island, at about 12.15 pm Sunday, and finally helped New York City break the record for most rain ever in an hour - 1.94 inches.

More than 140,000 people from New Jersey to Maine were without power during the storm's peak.

This came as severe flooding turned deadly in other parts of the country.

Tennessee saw at least 22 deaths Saturday during severe flooding.

In North Carolina, five people were killed last week.

New York City's 'Homecoming' party to celebrate the end of the Covid pandemic has been mainly canceled halfway through, with Barry Manilow singing on stage as the city hits thunderstorms.

A slow storm system named Henry continued to find its way to the Northeast on Monday afternoon, causing a tornado in Massachusetts as it began to return to the sea.

The National Weather Service announced three separate tornado warnings for the area from 11:30 am to 2.15 pm. As the storm, now a tropical depression moved across central Massachusetts.

The agency confirmed that a hurricane hit the city of Marlborough shortly afternoon.

There were some reports of damage resulting from the storm, but no injuries were reported on NBC 10.

Warnings came as Henry continued to weaken and headed east toward the Atlantic, bringing additional rain with him.

The NWS warned that an additional inch to three inches of rain could fall near the storm, leading to renewed flood risks.

Flash flood warnings are set to remain in effect until 8 pm. Mondays across Connecticut and Rhode Island as well as parts of western and central Massachusetts.

Utility crews are restoring power to the nearly 44,000 people from New Jersey to Maine who remain without power because of the storm. At its peak on Sunday, Henry cut electricity to more than 140,000 people.

The threat of flooding in the Northeast comes as severe weather elsewhere in the country turns deadly.

At least 22 people, including two children, were killed at country singer Loretta Lynch's farm, Wayne Spears after record-breaking rains raised floodwaters in central Tennessee on Saturday.

The NWS reported that 17 inches of rain fell on parts of the state in a day to set a new record if confirmed.

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