Cuomo's senior executive assistant has filed a criminal complaint about harassment

Cuomo's senior executive assistant has filed a criminal complaint about public harassment for the first time

Former aide Andrew Cuomo accused her of harassing her in the executive palace and said he "needs to be held accountable," saying he committed a crime.

According to an investigative report, Brittany Commisso is one of 11 women Cuomo has been accused of sexual harassment.

Cuomo has resisted calls for resignation, including from fellow Democrats such as President Joe Biden. However, he may soon face impeachment and impeachment proceedings by state lawmakers.

Commisso, who was identified only as "Executive Assistant No. 1" in the report, told state investigators that Commisso flirted with her chest on one occasion, the most severe accusation the governor has faced.

Brittany Commisso has spoken for the first time about her allegations against New York Governor Andrew Commisso.

Governor Cuomo has not appeared in public since the attorney general's report was published on Tuesday. He was photographed walking around the grounds of the Executive Palace on Saturday she filed a criminal complaint with the Albany Mayor's Office.

"He broke the law."," she said in an interview by CBS on Sunday.

Cuomo has denied wrongdoing, although he admits that his efforts to be affectionate with the people he meets can be uncomfortable.

His attorney, Rita Glavin, told reporters Friday that Commisso's account was fabricated, citing emails and other documentary evidence that she said undermined her story.

Cuomo is accused of harassing a Commisso event last November after routinely engaging in a pattern of inappropriate behavior that began in late 2019.

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