Cuomo faces three criminal investigations

Cumo Governor

He is the victim! Cuomo Governor's lawyers say the aide who accused him of molesting her while taking the photo is a liar and has been "punched" by the AG's "biased" report.

Three lawyers representing the governor and the executive room held a press conference on Friday.

They tried to undermine the credibility of two accused - Lindsey Boylan and an unnamed 'executive assistant.'

They said that Attorney General Letitia James is determined to conclude that Cuomo is guilty.

They also said they only received the report on Tuesday with everyone else and haven't seen the evidence yet.

A spokesperson for James said it was "unfortunate" that Cuomo's team had begun to denigrate women.

"The Cuomo's attorney's remarks ripped the courage of these women," said Cuomo's attorney's spokesperson.

Cuomo is still at the Albany Governor's Mansion, where he has been since Monday night.

He faces imminent accountability in Albany, but his lawyers said he would fight it when they get the evidence.

Cuomo also faces three criminal investigations in Albany, Manhattan, and Westchester.

Attorney Rita Glavin said Cuomo had been "punched" and that there was no "open mindset of fact-finding."

She said she will submit her responses to the impeachment committee by August 13 but is under trial.

Andrew Cuomo's lawyers tried to clear his name on Friday, claiming he was "ambushed" by the attorney general's "biased" report on sexual harassment and that they were still waiting for all the evidence it contained.

Attorneys Paul Fishman and Mitra Harmosi — who represent the New York governor's office — and Rita Glavin, who represents Cuomo in person, spoke at a news conference that the governor broadcast lives on his state's website did not attend.

He remains at the governor's mansion in Albany and has not been seen since Monday.

The lawyers were temporarily interrupted due to technical difficulties but resumed their speeches around 4 pm. It continued to undermine defendants' credibility, such as Lindsay Boylan, who said they asked to reinstate her job four days after saying she quit because she was tired of being harassed.

Glavin tried to downplay Boylan's credibility and that of "Executive Assistant Number 1," who said the governor touched her breasts at the palace in 2020. She also challenged the allegation that Cuomo hired a government soldier for his details because he found her attractive. Instead, he said he recruited her because" I kept eye contact with him at a party, and he loved it.

On Friday evening, a spokesperson for the attorney general reacted angrily to Cuomo's lawyers' attempts to discredit the 11 women.

"After several women made accusations that Governor Cuomo had sexually harassed them, the Governor himself requested that Attorney General James oversee an independent investigation," said Fabian Levy, press secretary and senior adviser to Letitia James.

Our selected independent investigators are widely respected professionals who are recognized for their legal and investigative abilities. Attacking this investigation and attempting to undermine and politicize this process robs these women of their courage.

There will be a rolling production of interview transcripts available to the State Board, revised as needed.

There are 11 women whose accounts have been supported by a mountain of evidence. Any suggestion of attempts to undermine the credibility of these women or this investigation is unfortunate.

Governor Cuomo is pictured on the grounds of the Albany Governor's mansion on Friday. He has not appeared in public since Monday. The report was released on Tuesday, and Cuomo's lawyers say he was surprised.

Michaela Kennedy Cuomo, 23, was seen on Friday arriving at the governor's mansion to visit her father.

Lawyers for two of the 11 defendants, Alyssa McGrath and Virginia Limates, said Cuomo's attorney failed to refute the allegations.

Cuomo's lawyers said: "Cuomo's lawyers try to pay attention to minor cases without addressing the many witnesses, facts and other evidence supporting both Ms. Boylan and Executive Assistant 1, not to mention the nine other credible women who reported his illegal conduct." Marianne Wang.

Debra Katz, representing another woman, Charlotte Bennett, said Cuomo's attorney's press conference was an "insult to women who have come forward" and showed the governor cares little about the rule of law.

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